Ask Kinslon: Aion v1.9 Interview #2

This week, our Daeva of Journalism, Aquilanius, spoke with Aion Producer Chris "Kinslon" Hager about Two-Handed Armsfusion and the Mist Item Rental system coming to Aion in May with the 1.9 update. That's right, we said May!

Aquilanius: How does this system differ to the Daily Quest reward rental system?

Kinslon: The items you receive from the daily quest reward system are rarer and have a wider variety of time limitations (3, 7 and 14 days). For the longer time lengths, it will take a lot more daily quest completions to be able to get these. The Mist Rental weapons are all 14 day weapons and are available every 5 levels so players can use them at a wide range of levels. Also, they are great for players who want to rent a good weapon to power through a weekend or instance instead of completing several daily quests to get the higher stat weapons or paying potentially a lot more for a weapon they would shortly outgrow.

Aquilanius: What are the limitations of the items?

Kinslon: Items from the Mist rental shop can't be stored, sold or traded, and will disappear once their time has expired. They also can't been enhanced in any way (enchants, godstone or manastones can't be added).

Aquilanius: What are the stats and quality of the items? Can you give us a few examples?

Kinslon: The stats and quality of the items range depending on level, but all are of Heroic (blue) level. The specific stats will vary from level to level, but below is a couple of examples of the Mist items. It's important to note that all armor/weapon items within the same level and type are the same price. For example, you'll pay the same amount for a level 35 Mist cloth Tunic as you would for a level 35 Mist Breastplate. The same is true for weapons. (Please note these prices will vary as the influence ratio for each world changes — similar to current item prices on the live servers.)

Item Stats Price
Level 35 'Fleeting Breastplate 404,499 Kinah
Level 40 'Spiritual Dirk' 687,467 Kinah
Level 40 'Spiritual Tome' 687,467 Kinah
Level 50 'Ebbing Shield' 566,134 Kinah

Aquilanius: How does the Armsfusion and Armsbreaking system work? Which stats are kept after two weapons are fused together?

Kinslon: Before a player performs an Armsfusion, there are a couple of pre-reqs. The weapons must be the same type (IE 2polearms, 2 two-handed swords, etc). Additionally the 'main' two-handed weapon level must be higher or equal to the secondary weapon items level. With all this in mind, once the fusion takes place, the following changes will occur:

  • 20% of the secondary weapon's basic attack power and magic boost are added to the main weapon (stats lower on secondary weapon aren't changed)
  • The secondary weapon's options are added to the main weapon (in the event that both weapons have the same stats like attack speed, casting speed, etc only the higher value is applied)
  • All manastone slots from the secondary weapon are added to the primary weapon (as are any manastones currently equipped on the secondary weapon)

Aquilanius: What happens to the existing manastones and godstones on the weapon after the transformation?

Kinslon: Manastones are kept for both weapons. In the case of the secondary weapon, if manastones are equipped they are transferred over to the main weapon. Also, when you add manastones or god stones to a weapon that has already been fused, you can pick which weapon you want to socket the stones to (primary or secondary). Godstones will always be added to the primary weapon. Once the weapon is broken apart, it will still be attached to the main weapon. Enchant stones will function the same way as godstones do, where they will be added to the primary weapon only, and will remain on the primary weapon after the weapon has been broken down.

Aquilanius: Can I revert the process? If so, what happens if I want to use the base weapon again but with a different weapon, what happens to the initial 2nd weapon?

Kinslon: The secondary weapon is destroyed in the armsfusion process. You can undo the fusion and return the main weapon back to the way it was before, but you will lose the secondary weapon in the process. Undoing the process will allow you to redo the process with another secondary weapon of the same type if you choose.

Aquilanius: Are there any limitations to the weapons that can utilize the Armsfusion system?

Kinslon: There are some weapons that, although they fit into the 2 handed category, will not be combinable with other weapons. These weapons include Mist items, timed daily quest reward items, and skin change items. Aside from that as long as the governing rules for the two weapons being fused are met, combine at will!

Aquilanius: Thanks Kinslon! We're all out of time, but next week we can discuss Energy of Salvation and the new stats being added. Cheerio for now!

See you next week for more information about the upcoming 1.9 patch! We might even tell you the full release date.

—The Aion Community Team