Announcements is Suiting Up New Player-

The release of Aion marks the beginning of a long anticipated story—your own. We are introducing a wide array of new functions in our website to provide more player-focused information for Aion.

Have you ever been dying to show off some of your character's new equipment to a friend quickly and easily? We have gone to great lengths to make this as easy as it should be. will soon be updated with a quick character search function and detailed character pages that will allow you and others to view your characters with all their accoutrements directly in a browser. You will also be able to view server statistics and Abyss Rankings in order to follow your own and your friends' progress through the game—or to find out what numbers you need to beat to reach the top!

Aion's official forums will let you socialize with fellow gamers. They will supplement the forums of our fansites to make an excellent medium through which you can get to know other players from the servers you play on.

We will also continue to update and improve the PowerWiki, which will go through numerous changes as we transition to the new website. Its layout will be updated, a lot of new content will be added, and the search function will be improved beyond the previous one. is suiting up - and you're invited.