Aion 3.7 coming Wednesday, December 5!


Aion 3.7 is arriving on Wednesday! This update comes with some major features players have been asking for, as well as a few new and unexpected (but awesome!) things:

Special Cube: This long-awaited feature is finally here! The Special Cube is a cube just for quest items—no more quest items filling up your regular inventory! 


Wing Reskin: Ever had to make the hard decision between wings that look good, and wings with better stats? That choice is a thing of the past! Skin your wings and get both the look and bonuses you want!


Composite Manastones: These new manastones have dual properties, like Crit Strike + Attack!

Composite Manastones.jpg

New AP instance: Hexway: A new Silentera Canyon instance with AP rewards!

Patch notes are coming soon! Be sure to check the upcoming maintenance notice for the update time! Enjoy the new 3.7 features on Wednesday, December 5!