Aion v1.9 is Live!

Greetings and salutations, fellow Daevas!

We are pleased to announce that Aion v1.9 is up and playable on our live servers. That's right! The much-anticipated update has (after an extended maintenance period) reached the shores of reality and is available now on all North American and European servers.

The update servers are currently under a lot of strain, they may seem to be unresponsive or cause a connection error. Please be patient while the patch server deals with the initial spike of traffic!

Head on over to the PowerWiki's 1.9 patch notes entry to familiarize yourself with the numerous changes.

Update: We've determined that clicking the "Force Launch" button may cause your update progress to be lost. It can in some cases be the reason for your client update starting over from the beginning.


—The Aion Community Team