Aion Speech Bubble Contest Winners

Greetings Daevas!

We received a large number of entries for the 'Put Words In Our Mouth' Speech Bubble Contest. The competition was brisk and your creativity continues to astound us! The First place winner receives a new AMD 5670 video card . Second place wins a new Razer Naga mouse!

Congratulations to the following winners from each community!

NA Community

1st Place Winner — Kevin Whitlock

2nd Place Winner — Devin Krugerud

UK Community:

1st Place Winner — Anne Bente Eggesvik

2nd Place Winner — Allan Bott

FR Community

1st Place Winner — Alexandra Eck

2nd Place Winner — Nino David Junghans

DE Community

1st Place Winner — Mary Schneider

2nd Place Winner — Neda Rajaeean