Aion Full Demo Accounts from iGames

From September 26 through October 9, over 100 iGames LAN centers in North America will be giving you the opportunity to try out Aion for free. Grab your friends and head on over to a participating location near you to claim your Aion full demo account that will allow you to play for up to 3 days, 5 in-game hours, or level 7, whichever you reach first! You will retain your character and progress during and after the demo period. Plus, each participating location will give you 1 free hour to play at the store with your friends!

Already purchased the game? Stop by a participating LAN center to get your free Aion Instant Potion Pack including (10) Lesser Secret Remedy of Mana and (10) Lesser Life Serum!

In addition, 25 LAN centers will be holding Aion launch parties this weekend and next. Participating centers will be hosting hours of fun multiplayer activities and giving away food and drinks, limited-edition Aion t-shirts, Aion swag, and a SteelSeries Zboard with Aion keyset.

So don't miss out on this opportunity to participate in these awesome Aion activities and to get your Aion full demo account! Click here for more information and to find a participating center near you: