Website Update: New Zones and New Instances!


This week is the final update for the AION 4.0 Dark Betrayal website. You’ve learned the story of the Dragon Lord Beritra. You’ve seen the Songweaver and the Gunslinger, the two new classes, in action. You’ve seen a preview of the new skills for all the other classes, getting a glimpse at just the kind of damage you’ll be able to unleash starting June 26.

This week, we give you a preview of the new zones. Soon you will be able to explore these new areas for yourself, but in the meantime, have a look at what’s in store by watching the video. And, be sure to check out our new Instances page which provides an introduction to the eleven new instances whose doors will open for adventurers next week.

AION: Dark Betrayal launches next week, on June 26. The wait is almost over.