Aion comes to DreamHack Winter—Bring Your Snowsuit!

DreamHack Winter is one of the largest PC festivals in the world and annually hosts more than 10,000 LAN-partying gamers for three full days. This year's iteration of the festival takes place between November 26 and 29 in Jönköping, Sweden.

We are bringing an entourage of 16 fully decked out Aion gaming stations for anyone who hasn't yet tried the game to DreamHack! Representatives of the Aion team will be staffing our booth. They'll be there to help you answer questions and to show you the ropes in Atreia. Once Aion gets all of your friends properly hooked, we will have demo serial codes to give to your friends so that they can try the game a bit more before committing to a purchase. The demo serial codes will run for three days, five game play hours, or seven levels, whichever comes first.

Our festival schedule offers a hot Aion PvP tournament where brave battle teams will duke it out against each other in our booth. Shiny prizes (loot!) will be provided by Razer and SteelSeries, given to the victors in the tournament's prestigious DreamArena finals.

Our Swedish Aion fansite has also arranged for festivities. If the thought of being surrounded by other Aion fans for three days nonstop appeals to you, then the following seat numbers might just be worth staying nearby: D22:65-D22:51 and D21:66-D21:52. Fansite staff, members, and several prominent Scandinavian Legions will be present to hold the Aion banner high and steady.

DreamHack still has spots available, whether as a visitor or to partake in the full event. Don't miss it!