Aion 3rd Birthday Celebrations!

In case the giant birthday cakes in Sanctum and Pandaemonium didn't tip you off, it's Aion's 3rd Anniversary! The event to light the cake's candles was just the beginning as tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26, Atreia celebrates with four new events! So come join the party and get some great rewards!

Empyrean Lord Crystals

As long as you are logged in during the celebration, players will receive Empyrean Lord Crystals in their inventory. Empyrean Lord Crystals can be exchanged with Rufois in Sanctum and Klantia in Pandaemonium for form candy, scrolls, house decorations, emotes, a pet cat with a party hat, and more!

Set a magical banquet table!

Elyos and Asmodian chefs Sui and Kelid are tasked with preparing a feast for the big celebration, but they aren't able to make enough food by themselves! Players level 10 and above can help by doing the [Event] Birthday Banquet quest, repeatable once per day, every day for two weeks. Use the ingredients given to you by the chefs to prepare a scrumptious feast for your faction, and receive the Lightspeed Daeva title (+5% speed, +5% flight speed), 24x Empyrean Lord Crystals, and a buff that increases MaxHP, defenses, attack, and flight speed of all Daevas within 100 meters for 30 minutes!

Light up the sky with fireworks!

No festivities are complete without fireworks! Speak with Fireworks Masters Partoo in Sanctum, or Bubanah in Pandaemonium, and complete their quest to receive an [Event] Awesome Firework and 24x Empyrean Lord Crystals!

New Daeva Helpers

Newly-Ascended Daevas can receive a little celebratory bonus from Dwen in the Lyceum of Sanctum, and Aved inside the Great Temple in Pandaemonium! Be sure to speak to them after you ascend at level 10!

Thank you for keeping Aion going strong for 3 years, Daevas! Enjoy the birthday celebrations!