Aion 3.5: Tiamat's Ruin is now live!

We are working diligently to address the following known issues:


1. The item tooltips at the Trade Broker and vendors may not display the newly added enchantment level information properly.


1. Housing scripts do not currently work once edited.


1. Some of the new campaign quests associated with the fight against Tiamat are not yet available. The Dragon Lord's Refuge instance is available, but the version of that fight that goes with the campaign quest is not currently accessible.

2. The titles given as rewards for the Arena of Glory Challenge quests are temporarily misnamed.

3. Many of the campaign quests that are listed in the patch notes as having automatic teleports from one NPC to the next do not yet teleport players.

4. The following quests, which were changed from Daily to Weekly, accidentally got misnamed. This will be fixed in the next update:


1. Bulletin Board background images may not display properly for legion tasks and village tasks.

Thank you for your patience.