Aion 2.6 Update and the Daeva Days of Summer

As the summer season kicks in, the balmy temperatures may bring on a feeling of nostalgia. This summer we have a carnival of events to let you scratch that itch for bygone days.

Scorching Heat is back! Collect Scorching Heat tokens and trade them in for diving helmets, beach hats, cute swimsuits, and much more!

Best Days Festival will remind you of carefree vacations by the shore. Complete the repeatable quest for a chance at two different sailor suits and two different hats!

Then it's time for Summer Vacation! Three different quests offer a swimsuit, some spending money, and a sightseeing tour through your old stomping grounds from before you ascended.

This summer will also bring back some old favorites:

If that isn't enough, Aion® 2.6 will be available on the PTS on July 28 and on the live servers on August 3! Highlights include:

  • -The "Crucible Challenge," a solo version of the Empyrean Crucible instance, with a bonus round!
  • -A new auto-party matching system for Nochsana Training Camp, Fire Temple, Steel Rake, Draupnir Cave, Dark Poeta, Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple, and the Empyrean Crucible instances!
  • -Difficulty level adjustments to Dark Poeta, Empyrean Crucible and Beshmundir Temple!
  • -A new pet, the Runaway Poppy, which has a chance to provide its master with Platinum Medals!
  • -New conditioning stones to make your gear even better!
  • -Improvements to boss looting in Fire Temple and Steel Rake. You might receive a gear box as your loot, which will have an item that is applicable to your class.