The Path to Balaurea

The path to Balaurea is a long one, but also one paved with adventure. As preparations for a full-scale assault continue, Lord Marchutan of the Asmodians and Lord Kaisinel of the Elyos have begun fighting for control of Balaurea. Reports from the front line indicate that the Elyos have secured a base of operations in Inggison, while the Asmodians continue to defend their region of Gelkmaros. This thrust is merely the first battle in a war that will be fought by all Daevas and consume all of Atreia.

It won't be long until great airships begin to transport Daevonian soldiers readied for battle. The Empyrean Lords from both races have bestowed a special blessing upon all citizens of Atreia that will enable all Daevas to earn twice as much experience from each battle and crafting experiment so they may more swiftly muster the strength necessary to conquer the Balaur and ensure the destruction of the Dragon Lord Tiamat. Act quickly soldiers! The blessing the Lords bestow cannot be sustained forever, and the stronger their warriors become, the less likely the Lords will be able to hold the blessing.

Glory calls; will you answer? Tell your friends, and take advantage of this special blessing before the assault begins. The path to Balaurea is in front of you, and the time to prepare is now!

—The Aion Community Team

Assault on Balaurea Live on PTS!

Greetings Daevas!

Welcome to Assault on Balaurea! Our Aion Public Test Servers are now live with the new, free expansion. This is a great opportunity to get a first glimpse of the new lands, new content, new levels, new instances, pets and more! Dive in and tell us what you think in our official PTS forums.

In preparation for Assault on Balaurea, the PTS servers have been wiped of all previous characters. To aid you in your tour of Assault on Balaurea we have drastically increased the experience gain for a limited time to make it possible for new characters to level extremely quickly. After all, we need you to be powerful enough to test the new content!

Incremental patching has already begun for those players who already have the PTS client installed on their computer. You will need to finish up the last parts of the patch now that the PTS server is live.

Don't have the PTS client installed on your computer? Below are instructions to aid you in downloading the client and begin patching.

Update on Character Transfers

Greetings Daevas,

We realize that many of you are anxious to hear an update regarding character transfers. The development phase of the improved character transfer system has been completed and is currently undergoing testing to ensure that future transfers will help balance server population. The dynamic system that we've created will allow us to reopen the transfer service with automatic safeguards in place to prevent mass transfers negatively affecting server balance.

Our current plan is to reactivate the free transfer signups on Monday, August 16 at 8:00 a.m. PDT, with the first transfer set to begin on Wednesday, August 18. We realize some players were separated from their friends and family after the first wave of transfers. This process will provide an opportunity for those players to reunite, and we're dedicated to helping those of you who are currently isolated from your friends. However, because these transfers will be automatically controlled based on faction population balance, trying to reunite with your Asmodian friends on Vaizel or your Elysean friends on Zikel may not happen right away.

Here at NCSOFT, we're passionate gamers just like you, and because of this, we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard for …

The Coming Pets of Aion

Pets confined to fetching the morning paper and performing crowd pleasing tricks are now a thing of the past. The upcoming free expansion Aion: Assault on Balaurea introduces an entirely new pet subsystem to explore. You will have access to functional pets capable of storing goods, assisting with crafting, acting as guardians by alerting their masters to nearby enemies, and of course those simply designed to make their masters look good.

The pets system will continue to develop and evolve moving forward, but we're looking at five pet types to start out with: …

Aion: Assault on Balaurea on Public Test Server

The NA Public Test Server (PTS) was brought down this past week to prepare for testing of Assault on Balaurea, the free upcoming Aion expansion often referred to as Aion 2.0.

The PTS database will be reset completely as a part of this, and all PTS characters and Legions will be removed. Keep in mind that the progression rates on the PTS have received a significant boost compared to the rates of our regular servers.

The PTS will reopen its majestic gates on August 18th 2010, with the new expansion ready for some testing action. Aion: Assault on Balaruea will be available across all servers September 7th 2010. …

Atreian Soul Healers Slash Prices

Greetings Daevas,

The Soul Healers of Atreia have banded together to share a weeklong celebration of life with the rest of Atreia! For one week, all citizens of Asmodae and Elysea can use the services of a Soul Healer for a reduced price! This temporarily slashed pricing begins after the server maintenance period this week on August 4, 2010 and runs until next week's regular server maintenance.

—The Aion Community Team


Fight on the Right Side and Dash of the Daeva Rewards!

Greetings Daevas,

This Tuesday we announced that we needed to reschedule character transfers. Due to the change in the transfer process, we are awarding everyone the first set of rewards for the Fight on the Right Side incentive. Each player will be receiving five Suspicious Yellow Sacks.

Along with the rewards for Fight on the Right Side, we will also be awarding the remaining faction rewards for the Dash of the Daevas event. Both sides fought valiantly throughout the event, and as a result, we are awarding faction rewards to the runner-up faction for each portion of the event. The runner-up faction for each category will receive a matching number of …