New Round of Character Transfers 10/27/2010

Greetings Daevas!

Signups for the next round of character transfers will begin on Thursday, October 28 at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

If you miss this round, don't worry. You'll have another opportunity next week.

—The Aion Community Team

Celebrate the Harvest Revel!

It is harvest time in Atreia and citizens of Elysea and Asmodae can't wait to taste those sugary snacks we all love. However, in the middle of the night, a band of Shulacks from the Steel Rake have stolen all the sugar! The Pumpkin King has appeared in Pandaemonium and Sanctum, asking our immortal Daevas for help in stopping those plotting Shulack Sugarcrooks.

Celebrate Harvest Revel with us; save those sweet treats from a sugary demise and win the Pumpkin King's favor! This year's Harvest Revel event will run from October 27th, 2010 to November 10th, 2010.

When Worlds Collide Contest

Greetings Daevas!

Get ready to capture—video capture, that is! From Thursday, October 21, 2010 through November 9, 2010, you have an excellent chance to win epic prizes by creating a slick machinima video portraying the world of Aion.

Pick your own theme (so long as you keep things clean), but keep in mind that Halloween is just around the corner. That creepy and fun holiday may provide excellent inspiration for you!

To get an idea of what we're looking for, the great people at and helped us create a sample machinima video…

New Round of Character Transfers 10/20/2010

Greetings Daevas!

Signups for the next round of character transfers will begin on Thursday, October 21 at 1:00 p.m. PDT. Characters who have signed up for this round will be transferred on Wednesday, October 27 during the server downtime.

If you miss this round, don't worry. You'll have another opportunity next week.

—The Aion Community Team

Customize Your Weapons at the Aion Store!

Greetings Daevas!

Have you wanted to stand out in a crowd? Always wanted to cut through your enemies with a chainsaw? Now you can customize your character's weapons through our Aion Store! These weapon skins, applied once to a character of your choosing, can be remodeled repeatedly onto the weapon of your choice.

Find your new look at the Aion Store!


Aion Larger Than Life!

Greetings Daevas!

Have you wanted to supersize your Aion graphics collection? Now you can with Larger Than Life Prints!

LTL PRINTS, the premium wall graphics company, launched an exclusive collection of Aion wall graphics, featuring 'Larger Than Life' artwork and giant character cut-outs from Aion.

NCSOFT premium wall graphics are available in a range of customer-selected sizes (from laptop-size to seven feet tall), are printed with eco-solvent digital inks on a proprietary 'premium self-adhesive repositionable fabric paper' that will stick to almost any surface (walls, windows, even ceilings), and can be removed and re-hung 100 times without leaving a mark or damaging your walls.

Prices start at $14.95 for laptop-sized graphics (NEW!), to LTL PRINTS' signature 7 foot tall 'larger-than-lifesize' wall graphics, for $149.95.

NCSOFT and LTL PRINTS were brought together for this project by John Doffing, curator for multiple 'Video Game Art Shows' and a juror for the annual global exhibition of video game artwork. "The artwork from these titles is simply astounding, and images that look great within the context of a video game also look pretty slick when they are seven feet tall the wall," according to Doffing. "This launch brings THE ART OF VIDEO GAMES to real-world walls, and NCSOFT is a perfect content partner for this large-format new medium."

Introducing Aion® Exchange!

Greetings Daevas!

Have you always wanted to be able to track Aion Auction trends or view your auctions from wherever you are?

We are pleased to introduce Aion® Exchange! Aion Exchange is an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad application that enables Aion MMORPG players to check character info, Broker status, and item price market statistics. You can use this portable reference to track game characters, monitor auctions in progress at the Broker or even create a wish list and track price fluctuations for items you are interested in!