Echoes of Eternity Store Update

Aion: Echoes of Eternity is now live and along with the latest expansion, our store has been updated with new and discounted items for all Daeva and upcoming Archdaevas. Here is just a highlight of what is available.


- New Items -

Berdin's Lucky Star

Berdin's Favor is a new experience boost system that can be activated with Berdin's Lucky Star. Each Star charges 4% of the EXP bar and while Berdin's Favor is active, you will receive a 300% boost in experience from hunting, gathering, and crafting!

- Permanent Additions -

Burlesque Bunny, Stormbringer's Regalia, Outlaw Outfit, Matador's Trappings, Swim Class

We've made many costumes previously only obtainable through our events permanently available on the store, including the all-new Swim Class swimwear.

Special Courier Passes & Enduring Tuning Scrolls

No need to open Lockboxes for these items any more!


- Discounted Items -

For a limited time, Plastic Surgery Tickets, Gender Switch Tickets, and [Event] Berdin's 100% XP Amulet V are on sale. Discounted prices are available until July 27, 2016.



You can see all the available items in our in-game shop or click here for our web store.

Echoes of Eternity Lore Cinematic

Learn the truth about Archdaeva and the fateful day the Tower of Eternity shattered in our lore cinematic.


Aion: Echoes of Eternity launches on July 13, 2016. Visit our teaser site for more information.

Store Update - June 15, 2016

The Afterburner mount, Shark Betrayal costume, and [Event] Jug of Liquid Experience are now permanent additions to store. Also for two week limited time sale, pick up the [Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle where you can choose your favorite Composite Manastone!

Visit the in-game shop or see our web store for these sale items and more!

Return to the Tower of Eternity on July 13!


Return to where it all began, the Tower of Eternity, and get ready for the journey you’ve been waiting for because Aion 5.0, Echoes of Eternity, is launching on July 13, 2016. Mark your calendars, set your alarms, you don’t want to miss this day!


If you are new to Aion or just returned, our Homeward Bound event is a great place to start or catch up.

Coming Soon - Aion: Echoes of Eternity


Aion 5.0 update is on its way! Travel back to the Tower of Eternity in our next game expansion, Echoes of Eternity. In this new journey, we begin to recover lost memories from the Cataclysm and discover a truth that will forever change the destiny of Atreia.

As a Daeva, you will soon be able to experience:

  • Increased maximum level: Become an Archdaeva and progress to level 75!
  • New instance: Archives of Eternity. Enter the Tower of Eternity for the first time!
  • New zones: Norsvold and Iluma, two ancient areas locked in time at the base of the tower!
  • ... and more.


Coming soon to Atreia, Echoes of Eternity. Keep your eye on the website for more details in the coming days and weeks.

1 NCoin Ailu Candies

Until June 1, 2016 pick up Ailu transformation candies for 1 NCoin, discounted from 48 NCoin. Take on Beritra or fly in the Abyss as an empowered Ailu!


Follow this link to the candy isle.

Eggstravaganza Store Update - March 2016


Spring is officially here! The warmer weather also brings new outfits, dyes, and savings! Visit the Black Cloud Marketplace to see all of the items here

Heartseeker Outfit

New on the Black Cloud Marketplace by popular demand and modeled by two of our very own, the Heartseeker Outift is now permanently available. 


Moon Rabbit Picnic Outfit

Also permanently added to the Black Cloud Marketplace, the Moon Rabbit Picnic outfit is now available!



Romantic Purple Dye

The Romantic Purple Dye is here as a permanent addition to the Black Cloud Marketplace.



All items in the dye category are 50% off for a limited time, until March 30, 2016. 


Costume Sale

The Cute Rabbit Costume, Lovely Pink Rabbit Costume, and Classy Gray Rabbit costume are 50% off until March 30, 2016.



Pet Eggs

The Harvest Saam Egg, Traveling Kitter Egg, Hungry Porgus Egg, Pinkhair Steren Egg are all 50% off until March 30, 2016.



Magnificent Clucklich

For a limited time, the Magnificent Clucklish is on sale for 50% off. Sale ends March 30, 2016.