Aion Introduces New Character PIN System!

Greetings Daevas!

Starting Wednesday, December 1, 2010 we will be introducing a secondary password system to help protect your Aion account. This system will utilize the new Character PIN system. When you log into your account, you will be prompted to register your personal PIN number. You will need to use the PIN you create every time you log into the game. This system will be active after the weekly server maintenance.

The system will help combat keylogger programs, therefore you must use your mouse to input your password. The keypad numbers will change position every time you login, an effort to thwart any programs that track mouse cursor movement. Our Aion PowerWiki has more information on the new Aion Character PIN System and how to use it.

10 Days of Reactivation

Greetings Daevas,

If you've stayed recent with events, you'll no doubt have caught the upcoming double XP and 99% off of Soul Healing weekends!

In anticipation of these weekends we had a little talk to Santanyerk before he saddled his Meek Grankers. The result, aside from an involuntary commitment to donating half his Christmas porridge, were 10 days of gift-wrapped Aion account reactivation, an excellent opportunity for friends with accounts in good standing who have been away from the game!

The reactivation period starts 8:00am PST on 3rd December 2010, and runs until 8:00am PST on 13th December 2010. Tell your online friends and Legion mates to come back to enjoy the new increased drop rates of Aion 2.1! For more information, visit our Aion Community Event Calendar.

What 2.0, level 50+ content are you enjoying the most?

Greetings, Daevas!

We're always looking to gather as precise feedback from you guys as possible and have today decided to get quite specific. We've set up a thread over in the forums where we're looking to get a quick survey of what level 50+ content you all like the most in Aion following the release of 2.0, Assault on Balaurea. While we're always happy to take in your opinions of matters relating to anywhere in Aion, this time we want to focus on the end-game.

In other words, help us improve Aion and steer development in the right direction by telling us what you would like to see more of!

Daevic 'Put Words In Our Mouth' Speech Bubble Contest!

Greetings Daevas!

Some days we are fighting the battle of having words put in our mouth, but now you can go right ahead and win prizes at the same time! From Monday, November 22, 2010 through December 6, 2010, you can create a speech bubble entry and win some great prized our partners at AMD and Razer!

The process is really simple! Use the screenshots we have included on the contest site and add your own speech bubbles to create a witty Aion themed picture or story! Remember your entry must conform to our Forum Rules and Guidelines.

Aion®: Assault on Balaurea™ Siege Times

Greetings Daevas,

We've had many of you asking about information on fortress siege times. They follow a set schedule depending upon the day and time.

The current schedule is as follows. Server times are PST, EST, and ACT for NA as defined by your server's specific timezone.

Aion Fortress Siege Vulnerability Times

—The Aion Community Team


New Round of Character Transfers 11/18/2010

Greetings Daevas!

Signups for the next round of character transfers will begin on Thursday, November 18 at 1:00 p.m. PST. Characters who have signed up for this round will be transferred on Wednesday, November 24 during the server downtime.

Double XP and 99% Off Soul Healing incoming!

Greetings Daevas,

We have the pleasure to announce two separate weekends bursting with festivity nearing on the horizon. The Soul Healers of Atreia have once again banded together to slash soul healing prices by 99% for two weekends in a row, and to make things even better, we'll flip the switch that doubles experience gain! That's right, ladies and gentlemen; it's time to once more stock up on food and miscellaneous caffeinated beverages!

See below for a detailed schedule or head on over to the updated forum calendar for coming events.