The Impossible Love?! Contest Winners

Greetings Daevas,

Once again, the Aion community's submissions were a creative triumph, and we were happy to receive so many contest entries. Selecting the winners was not easy.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Impossible Love!? Contest from each community who score some delightful prizes from our good friends at Steelseries!

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North American Community Winners

First Place -

Kassie Chittaphong

Second Place -

Devin Krugerud

European Community Winners


First Place -

Paul Furdi

Second Place -

Anita Carloni


First Place -


Second Place -



First Place -

Henrike Reinecker

Second Place -

Kerstin Bühler

Congratulations, and enjoy your prizes!

—The Aion Community Team

Atreia Remembers…

Good day, one and all!

As all Daevas know, death is a bummer. Though we are immortal, none of us are invulnerable. From the gracious Lady Siel and the mighty Lord Israphel on down to the lowliest of fledgling Daevas, from whole legions like the Storm Legion to whole cities like Kurngalfberg, uncountable numbers have been lost. Perhaps you've suffered a massacre yourself?

This being Atreia Remembers… week, we sent our intrepid reporter, Riksha Ranapower to Pandaemonium's Apellbine Tavern to survey some of the local Daevas on death.

Vanity Fayre Fashion Show Season One Winners

Greetings, Daevas,

Season One of our Vanity Fayre Fashion Show has concluded. The Haute Couture staff had a wonderful time seeing all of the contestants' fresh faces and evaluating their fashion style and poise on stage.

Contestants, you made us proud with your exquisite taste, and we are sure that after the show, many of you Daevas had questions from admirers as to where and how you pulled together your ensembles. It is great to see that Atreia is not only made of warriors, but also of fashionable individuals with impeccable taste!

We are taking this opportunity to make a last minute announcement about the winners. As we were pulled into the spirit of the show, we felt that it would be best to not have only a winner for each prize selected by the Haute Couture staff, but also one elected by the community.


Nezekan Manual Transfers

Greetings Daevas,

We appreciate the players of Nezekan taking the time to participate in our two recent surveys. The information you provided helped us gain the data we required in researching the challenges players experience on Nezekan, an Oceanic time-zone based server.

The current challenges Nezekan players face has meant that their game play has been limited or greatly impacted. We have determined that to provide an improved game play experience, we will be opening up the manual transfer process for players on Nezekan.

At this time we are offering a manual transfer to those players who wish to leave Nezekan. This process offers all Nezekan characters on your account a free server transfer off Nezekan to permanently join players on the east or west coast North American server of your choice. The manual transfer application window will be open for two weeks.

The manual transfer application process will be open immediately after the weekly scheduled server maintenance on February 16, 2011 and run through March 2, 2011.

To apply for a manual transfer off Nezekan, please contact . To expedite the process, please list all your characters you are transferring and the destination server of your choice. We cannot transfer characters to a server if you already have characters residing there of another race; you cannot have both Elyos and Asmo on the same server for an account.

Citizens of Atreia Disappearing on Valentine's Day!

Late last week we had released an initial travel advisory for the areas of the Salintus desert region of Morheim and the Western Eracus desert region of Eltnen. Officials have raised the alert level to these regions, asking citizens of Elysea and Asmodae to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in these areas. We have received reports that some Daevas celebrating Valentine's Day in these areas have gone missing!

Given the nature of these threats, we ask that our Daevas be on the lookout today for requests for assistance from officials.

The Impossible Love?! Contest

Valentine's Day is coming to Atreia. Soon the clash of swords will soon die out in favor of love and romance, if only for a short while.

For this year's Valentine's Day Contest, we give you the finest canvas of all on which to share your creations: Aion®. Unleash your inner artist to convey the spirit of this romantic holiday season.

From today through until February 21, 2011, you can win delightful prizes provided by our friends at SteelSeries by sharing a story of impossible love set in Atreia for our Valentine's Day Contest. Your inspiration should spring from the An Aion Fairy Tale: A Lesson in Love three-pane comic strip. Will Romeo fall in love with Juliet, or will Juliet get bored and kill Romeo? You decide.

Vanity Fayre Fashion Show Contestant Selections

Thank you to all who signed up. The Haute Couture staff had a difficult time in selecting the contestants. Click here to see the forum post with the list of selected contestants. If you have been selected, you will be receiving an email from us shortly with a manual on how to participate in the fashion show. If you do not receive one within the next couple of hours, please email us immediately at with your playername and server on which you were selected.

-The Haute Couture Staff