April 27: Paid Character Transfers Open and Staging Process Begins

Hi Daevas!

Today paid character transfers are available for Aion! We want to make sure that transfers go very smoothly for those of you who want to transfer, so we are opening it in stages. This way, we can monitor it closely.

The billing site currently has the paid character transfer service available as an option. However, you will not be able to purchase a transfer until the appropriate servers hit their stage. We'll communicate as we step through the staging process described below to let you know the progress. Make sure to check our forums for further information.

Look out, Aion Online just had a complete makeover!

This visual update sports an immersive feel that reflects the beauty of Aion. The redesign highlights the content you want to find quickly, focusing on Aion's freshest news, products, and features. The redesigned site also lets you share content on Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube with ease so that you stay connected with gaming friends.

Dive into My Aion

Click on My Aion, and now you can dive into Aion's game data, searching for your characters and friends, or finding out (while logged in) a whole host of in-game information. Log in and you can search for characters and Legions, explore server information, review your characters (in the character status section ), scan a list of mail, and review items you are selling or have sold in the Trade Broker.

Aion Community Update

Greetings Daevas,

We are very pleased to announce that 2.5 update is heading to PTS for North America and Europe territories. Added to this, we are currently running our "For War and Glory" event that focuses on decreasing the amount of AP loss from PvP encounters in the Abyss and Silentera Canyon. We are also releasing the full paid character transfer FAQ with promotional pricing.

Nezekan Server Transition

Greetings Daevas,

The challenges Nezekan players have faced has meant that their game play has been limited or greatly impacted. In an effort to provide an improved game play experience to our Oceanic residents, we have recently offered a manual transfer process for players on Nezekan to transfer to another server of their choice. On May 4, 2011, we will transition the remaining players on Nezekan to the Zikel server. Please visit our Nezekan Transition FAQ for more information on the upcoming changes.

Own Your Lineage

We all love to dress up in something new. Show off your grace, power, and style with a new Lineage® II-inspired armor skin!

In celebration of Lineage II 7th Anniversary Celebration, the Aion® store will offer armor skins inspired by Lineage II Dynasty armor. These decorative costumes change the look of your Daeva's armor but not the armor's stats. If you have always wanted to be a Sorcerer in full plate, now is your chance! These costumes can change the appearance of armor without being restricted by armor type.

Announcing Paid Character Transfers!

Greetings, Daevas!

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering paid character transfers! You've been asking for them and we worked our hardest to make the paid character transfer a better experience for our players. We thank you for waiting patiently.
Paid transfers will go live on April 27 for the price of $24.99. We will be releasing more details and an FAQ as we get closer to the start date for transfers.

- The Aion Community Team