Rotating Weekend Boosts

For the next four weekends, enjoy a different in game boost to help you along your daevic journey. See our schedule below for the rotating boosts!

  • Friday, May 26 to Sunday, May 28 – +100 Bonus XP
  • Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 4 –  +100% Bonus Drop Rate
  • Friday, June 9 to Sunday, June 11 – +100% Bonus Crafting & Gathering 
  • Friday, June 16 to Sunday, June 18 – +100% Bonus AP Gained

 See you in game!

Limited Time Costume Rotation

New costume skins are here and only available for two weeks.

05122017_shivermetimbers_f.jpg 05122017_shivermetimbers_m.jpg

Shiver Me Timbers


05122017_coveralls_f.jpg 05122017_coveralls_m.jpg

Comfy Coveralls


05122017_sunglassesfedora_f.jpg 05122017_sunglassesfedora_m.jpg

Sunglasses Fedora


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends May 26, 2017.

New Costumes & Weekend Flash Sale

Costume Rotation (4/28 to 5/12)

Looking for something a little more athletic or outdoorsy? Check out the latest limited time costume skin addition-- Street Style, Red Riding Hood, and Big Bad Wolf!

04282017_Redjpg.jpg 04282017_Wolf.jpg

Red Riding Hood (female only)

Big Bad Wolf (male only)


0413_Street_female.png 0413_Street_male.png

Starfall Clubwear/Street Cap

We will also be rotating out a few older costumes. If there is anything you've been wanting to snag, do so now here.


Weekend Flash Sale (4/28 to 5/1)

If costumes aren't your style, we have a flash sale for this weekend only on Essence Core and Omega Enchantment Stones. Flash Sale ends Monday morning so grab what you need!


For all store items, visit our in-game shop or web store here.

Now in the Store: Player-Designed Wings

The winning designs of Leave Your Legacy: Wings of Atreia are now available on the store. Choose between three designs or grab all three to match any outfit and armor set you're currently modeling.


Soaring Sakura Wings



Boundless Sorrow's Wings



Splendid Noble's Wings



Visit the in game shop or the web store here to see all available items for sale.

Limited Time Costume Rotation


Available for a limit time, pick up the latest costume skin available in Black Cloud Marketplace.

0413_Club_female.png 0413_Club_male.png

Starfall Clubwear


0413_Springbloom_female.png 0413_Springbloom_male.png

Springbloom Uniform


0413_Club_head.png 0413_Club_head2.png


Polka-Dot Ribbon (female only)


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends April 28, 2017.

Store Update - March 29, 2017

XP! XP! AP! AP! We got them here. The newest store additions are Abyssal Stars. These work similar to Berdin's Lucky Star, and it restores your Abyssal Favor to gain additional AP. You can also get your hands time-limited bundle packs that include Berdin's Lucky Stars, Abyssal Stars, XP Amulets, and 100% Drop Amulets!


Also available are Rainbow Snake and Eggstravaganza event items. Visit our in-game shop or web store for all available items.

Aion: 5.3 Now Live


Defend our capital cities from Ereskigal's Dredgion forces as for the first time the Balaur has broken through the Aetheric Field that has long protected our home. Challenge contenders, friend or foe, in the Arena of Tenacity and proclaim your self the victor. Continue to wage domainace in the Abyss against the opposing faction and Balaur, and strengthen your PVP stats with the all-new Marchutan or Kaisenel's Bracelet. Aion: 5.3 is now live. Click here to read the full patch notes and check out our trailer below!