Paid Character Transfer Queue Reset February 29, 2012

Greetings Daevas!

We will be resetting the Paid Transfer Queue for North American servers on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. PST (more).

Though we will be resetting the queues, the caps for both origin and destination servers are very small and will not accommodate a large number of transfers. We wish to offer a chance for players to move, however we must also protect the health of our servers.

However, due to the limited capacity, we anticipate these available transfer slots to fill up very quickly. We do not recommend trying to transfer as a group or a Legion to another server; you will be separated from your friends as the caps are met.

-The Aion Community Team

Rally the Troops starts today with 2 weeks Reactivation!

Aion® is rallying the troops! All accounts in good standing have been reactivated* for free for 14 days. Reunite with old friends while making new ones during the two-week reactivation period!

You'll also enjoy weekends of boosted settings, including double XP, a 30% Abyss Point bonus, and a 30% Crucible boost. And if you resubscribe before the reactivation ends, you get a free level 50 Daevanion armor set!

*For your account to be reactivated, your account must be in good standing (not currently banned), you must have applied a retail serial code to your account.

Final Reminder - Claim Vet Rewards NOW!

This is our final friendly reminder to claim all of your veteran rewards before Monday, February 27, 2012.

We do not want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to apply the previously earned rewards to all of your characters! After the billing maintenance on Monday, the rewards will no longer appear on your master account, and will not be available to be applied to any character.

Even if your account is currently inactive, you may log on to your NCSOFT Master Account, and send the rewards to your characters. They will be waiting in your mailbox the next time you log in!

Please remember to log in as soon as possible and claim all rewards before the opportunity is no longer available!

Announcing - Aion: Ascension

For a Daeva, death is only a reminder of why you stand up to face the evils of the world! Join our heroine on her journey through her memories of life, war and friends who have been lost. Through it all, she finds the courage again and again to face painful demise and boldly declare, "This is what I fight for!" How long will she have to fight alone?

Watch the video!

Reminder - Claim Veteran Rewards Before Feb 27

This is just a friendly reminder to apply all of your veteran rewards to your characters before February 27. Please note the date has been changed slightly to accomodate a billing publish. The billing publish removing the rewards will occur at 8am Pacific on 2/27/2012. Please log in to your NCSOFT Master Account before this time to apply the rewards to your characters!

Update your password. Keep your account safe.

Greetings Daevas!

As part of Gamer Safety Week, an email was sent from NCSOFT Support ( ) on February 15, 2012, urging our players to update their account passwords at regular intervals. The subject line for this email was, "Update your password. Keep your account safe."

We understand that you may be suspicious of this kind of email due to the large number of phishing scams that occur. We recommend that any time you update your account information, you link to your account via our website, . This way you can be sure that you're really accessing our site and not the site of a malicious third party.

For more tips for keeping your accounts safe, check out our "Six Top Tips to Stay Safe" that we posted as part of Gamer Safety Week:

Update on Couple's Contest 2012

Greetings Daevas!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to offer the Couple's Contest this year. We sincerely apologize to those who wanted to participate. More contests will be offered in the near future, so check back often to see what exciting things are going on!