Besh Blitz item distribution delayed

The item distribution from the Besh Blitz has been delayed until tomorrow. We ran into a issue with the query as it was running and had to start over. The query is again running, but will not complete for several more hours, and will then have to be checked to ensure it completed successfully this time.

Rather than promise that the items will be delivered at some point later today and possibly still run into issues, we have decided to delay the distribution until tomorrow when we are confident that the right accounts have been identified and that everything will be distributed correctly and smoothly.

We expect the distribution script to be complete by early tomorrow afternoon. We will announce on the forums, Facebook and Twitter when it is complete.

Please do not send tickets to Customer Service at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Boost your rewards in the Crucible with new store items!

Summer has begun, and with it a hot new update to the Black Cloud Marketplace! Check out these new items to help you gain more rewards in the Crucibles:

Crucible Bonus Packs
Conquer the Crucibles with these Bonus Packs! Each pack can be purchased twice per day.

• Empyrean Bonus Pack
Think you can handle the 10 stages of the Empyrean Crucible? This Pack contains one Empyrean Crucible Time Scroll and 1400 Crucible Insignias as an added bonus! Brave the Emyprean Crucible again and again!

• Challenge Bonus Pack
Rack up more insignias with the Crucible Challenge Bonus Pack! The Pack contains one Crucible Challenge Time Scroll, as well as the 1400 Crucible Insignia bonus!

• Coliseum Bonus Pack
Ready for some PvP action? The Coliseum Bonus Pack gives one Arena Ticket which can be used to enter the Arena of Chaos or Arena of Discipline! Hone your PvP skills in massive Free-for-all battles or 1v1 fights and earn great rewards! As with the other packs, this item will earn you a bonus 1400 Crucible Insignias!

Crucible Boost Pack
Still need more insignias? The Crucible Boost Pack contains three 20% insignia boosts—one for each Crucible! Best of all, each boost lasts for 30 days and are account-wide boosts! Be sure to stock up for the summer!

Medium C.U.B.E. Bonus Item
We've listened to our players, and are now offering a bonus item with purchase of a medium-sized C.U.B.E.! Fill up your C.U.B.E. with goodies from the Black Cloud Marketplace and receive a Premium Crown Box with a random chance to receive Ancient Crowns! Lucky players could even receive multiple Major Ancient Crowns from a single box!

Head to the Black Cloud Marketplace today and check out these new Crucible-boosting items and the medium C.U.B.E. bonus! If you can't beat the heat this summer, beat down your foes in the Crucible!

New Housing Auction Plans!

Greetings Daevas!

Did you know?

  • Mansion owners never suffer from soul sickness!
  • Estate owners never suffer from soul sickness and get a 5% increase to crafting proc rates!
  • All housing owners can have Blooms in their house that can produce AP relics, enchantment stones, godstones, and more!

If you have been thinking that you might want a space of your very own (and the perks that go with it!), then we have good news! Housing auctions will open again this Wednesday, June 6. We will be releasing the unsold houses in phases, similar to the first schedule. Phase 1 will be put up for auction on Wednesday. Phase 2 will not be released until Phase 1 sells out. This is individual to each server — for example if Israphel sells out of Phase 1 first, Phase 2 will then be released there, even if the other servers are still in Phase 1. The goal here is to end up with cozy neighborhoods full of people!

Siel, Israphel, and Tiamat will follow this schedule:

Kahrun has fewer homeowners than the other servers, and will have a different release schedule.

Server Maintenance May 30

There will be a server update tomorrow, May 30, from 5:30 to 8:30am Central Time. During this maintenance, players who recently experienced issues purchasing NCoin will be compensated with a Major Relic Sack. In addition, players who purchased 7-day Administrator's Boons prior to these items being removed from the game will receive new 7-day Administrator Boons.

Thank you for your patience during this downtime.

'Decorate Your Space!' contest winners!

Greetings once again, decorative Daevas! We had a ton of entries in the 'Decorate Your Space!' contest, where we asked players to deck out the interiors of their houses and studios for a chance to win some fancy—and functional!—furniture! It's clear you all put a lot of time and effort into decorating your homes, and we had a tough time deciding from all the wonderful entries, but we're pleased to announce the winners! Click, 'Read More' to find out who won!

Server Maintenance May 23

Servers will be down for maintenance tomorrow, May 23, between 5:30 AM and 8:30 AM Central Time.

Following this maintenance, Felicitous Socketing Supplements and Life Leafs will be removed from the Black Cloud Marketplace. Felicitous Socketing Supplements guarantee 100% success on manastone placement, and Life Leafs can be used to craft permanent Sharptooth Airspike (or proc Bloodletter!) mounts! Be sure to pick some up while they're available!

We appreciate your patience during this maintenance period!

Compensation for recent NCoin issues

Greetings Daevas!

Recently, we experienced some network connectivity issues with our billing services. Many players could not access their NCoin balance, and anyone who purchased new NCoin had to wait an extended time to have it delivered.

This issue has been resolved at this time. All NCoin balances should display properly and new NCoin purchased should be immediately delivered.

As compensation for the inconvenience, we will be providing anyone who purchased NCoin during this time with a Major Relic Sack. If you purchased NCoin during the outage, a code will be applied to your Aion account on May 30, 2012 during weekly maintenance. You can then select the character to receive the relic sack from within your master account.

We apologize for the inconvenience!