First look at new 4.0 player classes!

Who are these mysterious figures? Tentatively known as 'Gunner,' 'Musician,' and 'Rider,' these silhouettes are the first look at the three new player classes coming in Aion 4.0!

Expect more info as the 4.0 update draws closer to release in Korea! In the meantime, celebrate Western Aion's 3rd Birthday, and enjoy the 3.5 update this October!

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Server Maintenance September 19, 2012

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow from 5:30am to 9:00am Central Time. Stay tuned for details of events coming with this update, and thank you for your patience during this maintenance period!

Celebrate Aion's 3rd Birthday with the Daeva's Day Prelude event!

Everyone in Atreia is preparing for a big celebration! What's the occasion, you ask? September 22nd is Aion's 3rd birthday! Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19, we're kicking off a month of anniversary events beginning with the Daeva's Day Prelude!

Decorate the birthday cake!

There's a giant cake in Sanctum and Pandaemonium, stacked high with chocolate, strawberries, sprinkles and frosting! All it needs are…candles! Help put the finishing touches on the cake by collecting Aether Flames from mobs in New Heiron Gate and Ingisson Illusion Fortress as Elyos; and Beluslan Fortress and Gelkmaros Fortress as Asmodian. Both factions can also collect Aether Flames from Sarpan, Tiamaranta, and the Abyss! Additionally, you can purchase Aether Flames on the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Speak with Hapolia in Sanctum or Berdinea in Pandaemonium to trade Aether Flames for different candles to light the Daeva's Day birthday cake!

A rewarding display!

Aether Flames can be traded exchanged for Blazing Candles, Magical Candles, or Spiritual Candles:

  • Blazing Candles triple the leveling speed for you and all nearby Daevas!
  • Magical Candles triple the drop rate for you and all nearby Daevas!
  • Spiritual Candles immediately recover 2,000 DP for you and all nearby Daevas, increase attack speed by 10%, and reduce cast time by 10% for the duration of the buff!
Players can purchase one of each type of candle every few hours—your candle purchase record resets at 10am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm Central Time. Each buff lasts 4 hours, and affects all Daevas within 100 meters!

Kick off Aion's 3rd Birthday celebrations with a sparkling cake and get rewards for you and your fellow Daevas!

Store Update coming Wednesday, September 19!

Aion's 3rd anniversary is almost upon us and we are kicking off a month-long celebration starting tomorrow! An event page that details the first in a series of celebrations — Daeva's Day - will be available this afternoon!

We also have a big Black Cloud Marketplace update tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19th!

Items being introduced to the store include wings, Crucible skins, birthday event items, and more! As a preview, Nyx has tried on all the outfits and wings and we present you with a small fashion show highlighting the new items!

Nyx's Fashion Show!

Note that I dyed all of the items so that you could see which parts dye. The actual colors of the outfits will be shown on the store pages tomorrow.

Introducing MegaKinah Millions!

Billions of Kinah is up for grabs in the MegaKinah Millions Event! This 8-week-long event gives Daevas the chance to win more than 300 million Kinah each week! Click "Read More" for important details on this event!

Server Maintenance September 12, 2012

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, September 12, from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time.

This maintenance will introduce a new chat restriction preventing players below level 20 from speaking in common chat channels such as LFG, trade, or class-specific channels. Players will still be able to chat in /say, /legion, and /party at level 10.

This maintenance will also add a special Fortune Ticket to purchases of the Large CUBE, to be claimed in the MegaKinah Millions Event!

Thank you for your patience during this maintenance period.

Last chance to pick up Felicitous Manastone Bundles!

Felicitous Manastone Bundles are going away tomorrow, Wednesday, September 12! This is your last chance to grab these special manastone boxes, that include a guaranteed successful socketing supplement!

Don't miss out! Head to the Black Cloud Marketplace and pick up your Felicitous Manastone Bundles today!