Extended maintenance Wednesday, December 5

We will have an extended maintenance period this week to bring you the Aion 3.7 update! As an added bonus, we will be raising the level cap on the Fast Track Server to 55! Maintenance will begin on Wednesday, December 5, from 5:30AM to 11:00AM CST.

Make sure to turn in your Fortune's Favor event Fortune Cards before the maintenance, and give the Wheel of Fortunerk a fond farewell by giving it another spin!

Aion 3.7 coming Wednesday, December 5!


Aion 3.7 is arriving on Wednesday! This update comes with some major features players have been asking for, as well as a few new and unexpected (but awesome!) things:

Special Cube: This long-awaited feature is finally here! The Special Cube is a cube just for quest items—no more quest items filling up your regular inventory! 


Wing Reskin: Ever had to make the hard decision between wings that look good, and wings with better stats? That choice is a thing of the past! Skin your wings and get both the look and bonuses you want!


Composite Manastones: These new manastones have dual properties, like Crit Strike + Attack!

Composite Manastones.jpg

New AP instance: Hexway: A new Silentera Canyon instance with AP rewards!

Patch notes are coming soon! Be sure to check the upcoming maintenance notice for the update time! Enjoy the new 3.7 features on Wednesday, December 5!

New hairstyles coming in Aion 4.0!

Have a look at some of the new hairstyles coming with Aion 4.0! The 4.0 update will have eight new hairstyles available (total for males and females), inspired by current hairstyles popularized by fashion magazines! Of course, these hairstyles needed to be tweaked for Aion, because what looks good in real-life might look very different in-game—and hair accessories and clothing need to be accounted for!

Check out a few of these upcoming styles; would you wear them?

Maintenance 11/7: Event updates; last chance for Siel's Rings and Harvest Revel items!

There will be a scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, November 7, from 5:30 to 9:00 AM Central Time.

The Power of the Rings event is ending, and this will be players' last chance to pick up a set of Siel's Ring of Magic and Siel's Ring of Power! Pick up your Elite Enchantment Stone Bundles now for your chance at these rings!

With the Harvest Revel coming to a close, many Halloween items in the Black Cloud Marketplace will also be disappearing tomorrow: Harvest Revel Gift Boxes, Harvest Revel Pumpkin Outfits, Jack-o-Lantern hats, Pumpkin Hats, and Harvest Revel furniture will be removed from the store tomorrow following the maintenance, so get them while you can!

Finally, the Harvest Revel event is entering phase 2, and following the maintenance you will be able to take the tickets you collected from the brewmasters and exchange them for rewards until November 21!

Last chance: Power of the Rings event ends Wednesday!

The Power of the Rings event ends this Wednesday, November 7!

This is your last chance at a set of Siel's Ring of Power and Siel's Ring of Magic! Every 30th [Elite Enchantment Stone Bundle] purchase will get two Eternal Rings! Want a guaranteed set? Every purchase of 3 bundles before Wednesday will get one set of rings automatically!

Be sure to get yours before Wednesday, November 7!

Daylight Savings Time Maintenance 11/4/2012

We are having maintenance on Sunday, November 4th to adjust the servers for daylight savings time starting at 1:45AM CDT for approximately 80 minutes.

Thank you for your patience and have a great weekend! Remember to adjust your own clocks!

New region concept art: "Katalam," coming in Aion 4.0!

Mountainous fortresses overgrown with lush vegetation await in new region "Katalam," debuting in Aion 4.0! Check out this concept art! (Note that all names are subject to change)

(Click to enlarge)

"Flying Fortress"

"Mountain Fortress"

"Plains Fortress"

"Rune Entrance"