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'Leave Your Legacy: Gunslinger' player-created design chosen: the Mookie Gun!

In October, we asked players to send in their ideas for unique pistols or cannons for the new Gunslinger class--coming in Aion 4.0!--for a chance to have their design made into an in-game weapon, forever leaving their mark on Aion!

We are pleased to unveil the player-created design: the Mookie Gun, by Liiga Smilshkalne, aka Rakesh from the Israphel server! Click on Liiga's concept art below to watch a video of the Mookie Gun in action!



We asked Liiga more about her design, her character in Aion, and her other works!

Aion: How long have you been playing Aion? What class and level is your main character?

Liiga: I've been playing Aion on and off for a long time now, though most actively since about 2.5. My main character is Rakesh on server Israphel, a lvl 60 cleric, which is by far my favorite class in the game.

What was your inspiration for the Mookie Gun?

If memory serves me right, the idea for the Mookie Gun sprouted from late night chattering with a friend and legionmate Aedus over the Leave your Legacy announcement that somehow somewhere lead to the idea of a Mookie gun which absolutely stuck. The rest of it came naturally in the wee hours of the morning with the aid of a large cup of coffee.

Why Mookies?

Mookies are by far my favorite type of critter in the game. They're bouncy, have beady little eyes and never open their mouths if they have any, which just means they all hide some terrible terrible secrets inside. Possibly guns.

How excited were you to find out your design was chosen?

Extremely so! Best e-mail to wake up to in a long time. I've got Mookies on the brain just waiting anxiously to see how the gun will look in action!

We noticed you have a DeviantArt page. Would you like to tell us anything about it? Have you done any other Aion-inspired works?

I'm a freelancing digital painter with most of my currently publishable works on display at Although most of my paintings fall within the genre of fantasy, I've also done illustrations of the more sci-fi as well as the surreal persuasion, most recently for the Android:Netrunner TCG series by FFG.

Since I usually stay busy with work I've yet to do proper Aion fan art aside from a quick sketch of a legion member's character - and I suppose now also the Mookie gun - but I've done a number of illustrations inspired by another NCSoft game, Lineage 2. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do proper fan art of Aion in the nearest future - the game is just too pretty not to.


Thanks for answering our questions, Liiga, and congratulations on leaving your legacy in Aion! We hope everyone will look forward to the Mookie Gun! For a chance to leave YOUR legacy in Aion, submit your 'Bard' weapon designs!

Spin to win the Solorius Wheel of Fortunerk!

Greetings, Daeva! Shugo Fortunerk is back with a new Wheel of Fortunerk! Spin the Wheel and win big, akakak!


What can Daeva win? Lots of great prizes!


Palaces are the most prestigious houses in all of Atreia. Only a few exist per server, and Fortunerk holds the deeds to all of them! The entrepreneurial Shugo has put them up on the Wheel of Fortunerk for lucky Daevas to win!



Daevas who win a palace will receive one month's rent for their palace, and will be contacted on or around January 2, 2013 to select an available palace of their choosing.

Courier Tickets

A new item appearing for the first time as a Wheel of Fortunerk prize, courier tickets allow Daevas to mail previously untradable items!


Courier tickets are available for either Fabled or Eternal-grade items, and are further designated by item requirement level: items level 50 and below, items 51-55, and items 56-60. Items without a level requirement cannot be mailed with courier tickets. AP items, such as Abyss items, cannot be mailed with courier tickets. Soulbound items can be mailed, and will work for the recipient!

Please note that items may require multiple tickets to mail.

...And more!

There are lots more prizes in the Wheel of Fortunerk for Daevas to win! Every spin is a win with the Wheel of Fortunerk! The full list of prizes is as follows:


Good luck, Daevas! Spin the Wheel of Fortunerk and win big this Solorius season!

Server transfers queues suspended from December 19 to January 2

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, December 19, 2012, to Wednesday, January 2, 2013, players will be unable to queue for server transfers due to the holidays. Players will be able to queue on January 2, with the first transfers of 2013 scheduled for January 9.

Server maintenance Wednesday, December 19

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Leave Your Legacy in Aion: Ascension: design a weapon for the 4.0 'Bard' class!

Here's your chance to design a weapon for the 'Bard' class coming in Aion 4.0! The 'Bard' uses stringed weapons to channel magical energies!


Starting from today, Monday, December 17, 2012, to Thursday, January 3, 2013,, players can submit their original concept art for 'Bard' weapons. Your design might make it into the game! This is a design submission, so even if you can't draw all that well, if you have a great idea we want to see it! Creativity, innovation, and uniqueness is what we're looking for!

Remember, this is not a contest! There are no physical or digital prizes. If your submission is chosen, you will get official recognition that your artwork has been incorporated into the game, and you will be given the chance to participate in the naming process of your weapon once the 4.0 update is localized for Aion: Ascension! 

As this is not a contest, we encourage all of our Aion: Ascension players to participate! There are no territory restrictions. Please be sure to read the full terms and conditions below before sending in your work:

How do I participate?


  • Draw an awesome piece of concept art that represents your best idea for a 'Bard' class weapon.
    • Your artwork may be hand-drawn, or computer generated, but it must be your own original work.
    • You must present both a front and side view.
    • Notes explaining moving parts and effects are OK.
  • Submit your artwork to In the email, you must include the following information:
    • Real Name
    • Account, server, and character name
    • Age
    • Explanation of your concept and the intent behind your design
    • The following statement:
      • By submitting the artwork, I:
        a) represent and warrant that my entry is my own original work and that it does not violate any rights of any third party (including, without limitation, any patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right, or any privacy, publicity or publishing rights of any third party), and that it is not libelous, obscene or otherwise contrary to law;
        (b) agree, in the event that my entry is selected to be used by Sponsor, to (i) assign to Sponsor all of my rights, title and interest in my entry, including, without limitation, copyright, in or to my entry; or, (ii) if I cannot transfer any of my rights, grant a perpetual, exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, fully paid-up, royalty-free, transferable license to Sponsor to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform and display, create derivative works of and otherwise commercially exploit my entry; or (iii) if I cannot transfer or license any of my rights, waive enforcement of such rights. I further agree to take all reasonable actions, at Sponsor's expense, that are required for Sponsor to protect and enforce Sponsor's rights in my entry

Incomplete entries will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Thursday, January 3, 2013 in order to be considered.

The Aion team will then choose a number of submissions to send off to the Dev Team. These designs will be featured on our website and Facebook page on January 7, 2013. If one of these submissions is chosen to be used in 4.0, we will showcase the concept art alongside an official weapon screenshot on our website and social networks as soon as they are released to us.

Please note – although this is a contest in Korea, players on the NA servers are not eligible to participate in the Korean contest or win their prizes. Their contest only applies to players on the Korean servers. In addition, North America sending submissions does not guarantee that any will be selected for use. 

Best of luck, Daevas! We’re looking forward to your submissions. As we receive them, we will add them to the "Leave your legacy in Aion" photo album on our Facebook page! To get your creative juices flowing, here's a look at some of the 'Bard's' stringed weapons!


New 4.0 instances!

Aion 4.0 brings new instances to brave and new challenges to master! Let's take a look at four brand new instances players will tackle in Aion 4.0! Please note that the names of regions, instances, and characters are subject to change.

Fortress Reward instance


Aion 4.0 will introduce a new style of fortress siege in the 'Katalam' region. 'Katalam' fortresses have unique terrain such as mountains, plains, even fortresses where flight control will be very important. Unlike established conventions, there is also a solo instance!

Time limits and AP gains for these new instances will be similar to current instances. Legions that take the fortresses will get "special versions" of the instances where better rewards are offered.

'Underground Katalam'


Underneath 'Katalam' lies a complex underground cavern that spans the northern and southern areas of the region. There are many ways down into this labyrinthine expanse, but owning fortresses may make moving through this maze easier!


Somewhere in this area lies a large corridor that runs underneath 'Katalam' and leads to the 12-person raid dungeon 'Katalamize,' which you may remember from our 4.0 Gear preview! The corridor is also the path to 'Lunadium,' what will surely become the top instance for Level 65 Daevas!


An ancient weapon capable of great destruction lies beneath 'Katalam.' This weapon, 'Hyperion,' was created by the mysterious 'Rune' race, and players must destroy it before Beritra gets his hands on it! 'Hyperion' will be the strongest boss of Aion 4.0, so players will need to be very organized in order to defeat it! (We heard that Templars are going to be important in this fight!)



A tragic tale will unfold before players in 'Lunadium,' home of the witch 'Grendal.' 'Grendal' had a lover who died; unable to bear the loss, she wove a spell of necromancy to save her lover, but in doing so cursed herself.


'Grendal' assaults players within a confined area with five different attacks; moving outside the area causes instant death, so careful movement and precise timing are essential! There is a time limit to this fight: 'Grendal' must be defeated before she becomes enraged!

'Lunadium' will be the instance where players can receive crafting materials, new weapons, and new gear. Players can receive class-specific items, but the bonus stats are random, so you need luck to get the best ones!

Prepare yourselves for these instances, Daevas--they're going to be tough!