[Update] Server Consolidation - Early October

As previously stated in our last few Producer’s Letter, we will be consolidating servers in early October, 2017 to unify our current population.

The consolidation is as follows:



Siel, Beritra

To be Named

Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat

To be Named


We have not determined names for these two servers, and you can help us pick names by following our guidelines and suggesting names here!              

Server Transfer Service

We have updated our FAQ with the the most updated information on the server transfer service which you can find here.

Housing Auction

Housing auctions will be suspended two weeks before the merging date. Houses mid-auction will return to the selling player, and players will be able to continue to retain and use their house until the server consolidation. After the consolidation, any player that had a house previously will lose it, and players will receive the Kinah price they paid for their home + 4 weeks of maintenance fees.  For clarity, when we talk about “Houses” here, we mean any non-instanced housing – House, Mansion, Estate and Palace.

Housing auctions will be opened in October.

Character Name Change & Legion Name Change

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change Tickets will be temporarily unavailable starting on September 13. The fewer last minute changes made to our database, the lower the likelihood of issues during the consolidation. For details regarding character names after the consolidation, please refer to our FAQ here.

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change Tickets will be available again in October.

Be sure you make your server name suggestions here and check out FAQ for the answers to popular questions regarding the consolidation. 

Limited Time Costume Rotation



Gourmet Coat




Gourmet Beret

Gourmet Fluted Topper




Busy Bee

Busy Bee Antennae


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends August 18, 2017.

Limited Time Costume Rotation



Admiral's Outfit Set




The Invisible Biker


We will also be rotating out a few old costumes so visit the in-game shop or web store here to see all the limited time items. Sale ends August 4, 2017.

Rotating Weekend Boosts #3

We're having another rotating boost weekend! This weekend will work exactly the same as the previous ones, but the times for the bonus EXP weekend have changed slightly. Enjoy!

  • Friday, July 21 12:00 PM Server time to Monday, June 24 – +100 Bonus XP
  • Friday, July 28 to Sunday, July 30 –  +100% Bonus Drop Rate
  • Friday, August 4 to Sunday, August 6 – +100% Bonus Crafting & Gathering 
  • Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 13 – +100% Bonus AP Gained

 See you in game!

Aion: Omens of Ice Now Live!


Aion: Omens of Ice is now live! The Balaur have been stirring, and Ereshrigal has been growing in power. Infiltrate the latest Balaur attempts to destory Atreia. Assemble your team and fight for glory in the new Grand Arena of Tenacity or strengthen your abilities in the Crucible Spire.

Much more is available and you can view the full patch notes here.


Aion: Omens of Ice Register Now


Get ready to test your resolve; the next Aion update is launching on July 19! Prepare for the update by registering your attendance for Aion: Omens of Ice. By registering, you’ll receive a code for a bundle of items including an exclusive costume skin.


- How to Register -

  1. Follow this link to our registration page and login with your NC account.
  2. Once registered you will be prompted a completed message.
  3. Registration ends on 11:59 AM Monday, July 17. Players will receive their code via email on July 19 and have until July 31 to claim the items.


To learn more about Aion: Omens of Ice, follow this link.


For official giveaway rules, please click here.

Aion: Omens of Ice Overview


Hello Daevas! As you may have seen from our teaser, the next update is just around the corner. Aion: Omens of Ice will be launching July 19. There is a lot in store for this update and we’re excited to be releasing it. Have a look below for a sneak peek at some of the content you’ll find in the update as well as a special RSVP bonus.

New Instances

Bastion of Souls
Up to 12 Daevas will search for the last surviving member of a secret detachment sent to investigate a mysterious place that appeared in Reshanta.

Trials of Eternity
With increasing urgency, a group of Daevas will infiltrate deeper into the Tower of Eternity in search of the artifact that can save – or destroy – Atreia.

Crucible Spire
With Dredgions appearing in the capital cities, the Empyrean Lords are worried about what’s to come. They have built a tower in search of the strongest Daevas, who will battle alone to the top.



PVP Arenas

Grand Arena of Tenacity
The Arena of Tenacity has expanded and a new Tournament has opened for groups of 6 to fight against each other for prestige and rewards.

Evergale Canyon
This PvPvE instance will pit 24v24 against each other to gain control of an Artifact. This special instance will also allow further players to join up to 96v96 each side; this will also change the map’s size and available objectives.




Fierce monsters in small form. This new upgradeable Pet type will aid you in battle with special abilities, fetch dropped items, grant your consumable items and more!



Other Changes

Included in the update are also changes to existing systems. Enchanting is being improved and simplified, item tooltips are being revamped, both races’ starting zones are receiving a visual update, and much more!



Before the update goes live you have a special opportunity to register your attendance and receive special items for doing so! You can register on the site here until July 17. You will only have one week to claim your items in-game after the patch goes live so act swiftly!

Watch for more in-depth posts as we get closer to the launch of Aion: Omens of Ice on July 19, as we will dive more into the content and changes you will see.