Store Update - March 12, 2014

You’re in for a treat! We have new items in the store themed after a legendary martial arts artist. These items include two new emotes and two new costumes! Also with spring less than 2 weeks away, we have a few new stylish costumes perfect for any chilly day or to just look good.

The Dragon
Start your summer training early and in style with The Dragon's emotes and training suits!

New Costumes
In need of a new look? Spring fashion is in with various Dapper costume items.

Event Items
For two weeks, collect Mysterious Cards in-game or buy them here in the store for The Scattered Deck event. Trade 10 cards with the in-game Card Collector NPC for a Mysterious Reward Box that can give Ceramium Medals and other beneficial items.


These items and much more are available in our in-game and web store!

The New Black Cloud Marketplace


The Black Cloud Marketplace has opened a new location—in Atreia! That’s right, it’s now available in-game with a brand new design, too!

Whether you’re in the Abyss, Balaurea or idling in the capital city, you can now shop in the comfort of Atreia without having to leave. Visiting the new store is easy; click on the Black Cloud Marketplace icon in the bottom right corner next to the compass.

As part of the new store opening, we have a few limited time promotions to celebrate this momentous occasion!

  1. Visit the in-game store and pick up a free Palmist Acarun pet. So cute. Much permanent.
  2. The player-designed Empinerk’s Cipher-Blade, which summons the 5H-0G0 bastion, is the first Aethertech skin for sale. It is 20% off for a limited time only!
  3. The Daevic Fortune Cookie is back! Crack open the cookie and find exclusive prizes.

These promotions are only running for a week so be sure to visit the in-game store. If you've been looking for the Secret Remedy of Growths and Tiamat Guard skin items, they're now back in the store as well!

See you in game!

The New Enchantment Lockbox


The Enchantment Lockbox is the latest item to get a major prize list update. To go along with your Timeless weapon you got from the Wealth Lockbox, the Enchantment Lockboxes now contains Timeless armor boxes, various enhancement items such as Felicitous Socketing, Enchantment Stones, Beritra Idian Pouches, the new Accessory Wrapping Scrolls, and the always-popular Courier Passes. For the next four weeks, find lockboxes from monster drops and unlock it with a key from drops or the store!

Click here to see the new list of rewards.

Player's Guide for New & Returning Players


When you set foot in Atreia, the world can feel overwhelming. Asmodian or Elyos? Songweaver or Sorcerer? Worry not, we have a brand new player’s guide to help you progress through your adventures of being a Daeva in this torn world.

Get started by clicking on your race.




Store Update - February 12, 2014

In the month of February, we celebrate many holidays, and notably, Valentine’s Day. This year, we also have a special event—the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, and we have the winter gear for it. Don’t forgot, we still have many love-inspired items and skins available to any lucky Daeva. Whichever mood you’re in, we have the right outfit for the occasion.

Love is in the Aether

We still have many love-themed items in the store ranging from couple costumes to housing items. We have outfits for the hot singles out there as well in case you want to strut your stuff and let everybody know what they're missing out.

Sweet Couples' CostumeProud Single's CostumeSweet Chocolate Furniture Pack

Winter Games
Looking to mimic the style of Dufour-Lapointe sisters who took the gold and silver medals the Freestyle Skiing Ladies' Moguls? We have slope suits and accessories right in time for the ongoing Winter Games. These items are only here until February 26, 2014.

Slope SuitRed Couple's Slope SuitLightweight Slope Helmet

Hugs Pack
Perfect for the Aethertech or any other class, we have a new Felicitous Socketing and Manastone Pack in the store for a limited time! The Mythic and Eternal Hugs Pack contains (1) Greater Felicitous Socketing, (1) Noble Manastone Bundle that opens (1) random Ancient or Composite manastone with highly sought after stats, and, as a holiday bonus, a 7-Day Hug Me emotion card. Snatch up these Packs before it’s too late!

Mythic Hugs PackEternal Hugs Pack

Wealth Lockbox Keys

The Wealth Lockbox keys are still available! The new Wealth Lockbox debuted with the Steel Cavalry launch and has a new prize list, and you can now get items such as Ceramium Medals, Timeless Weapon Boxes, Sanctuary Fortress Crest Bundles, Golden Pack Saam Pet Eggs, and the always-popular Special Courier Passes.

These are just a few items listed in the store. Click here to see what else is available!

Weekend Sale: Shugo Flag Bearer Pets


The 22nd Winter Olympics Games are here, and what better way to represent and support your favorite country than by picking up a Shugo Flag Bearer pet from the store! These pets aren’t just cuddly; they will use food and up to two buff items to keep you replenished as you face challenges everyday in Atreia.

Shugo Flag Bearer pets are only on sale for the next three days so snatch 'em up for 640 NCoin; that’s nearly 50% off the original price!

Click here see all the Shugo Flag Bearer pets available.

[Resolved] Siel Server Disconnections

Server issues with Siel and Israphel has been resolved! For the inconveniences caused we've prepared an in-game survey with items for Siel and Israphel only. Please log in game and pick up your items before Sunday, February 9, 11:59 PM Central time.

Thank you for your patience!


We are currently experiencing server difficulties affecting Siel only. We are actively investigating the issue and working on a resolution. During this time, you may experience intermittent disconnections from the server.

We will provide additional updates on the forums and Twitter when available.

Thank you for bearing with us.