Store Update - September 17, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary, Daevas! We have a couple of new marine outfits for you along with the Dazzling Daevonian Armor set available to all Daevas for 1 NCoin! We also have cafe-styled General Goods Merchant or the Warehouse NPCs you can employ in your home. If you need an extra boost in your every day adventures, the Daeva's Day Aether Flame can be purchase here on the store for extra Cake Buffs for you and your friends!

Aether Flame

Trade the Aether Flame with the Candle NPC for a candle of your choice. Use the candle on the Anniversary Cake to trigger your selected buff for you and anybody nearby! Sale ends October 8, 2014.

Dazzling Daevanion Armor Set Box

Available to all Daevas level 10+ the armor set can be purchase for 1 NCoin one per account. Prior to opening, the box is account tradeable so you can give it to another character on your account or hold on to it for later. Additional armor sets can be purcahsed for 2000 NCoin. Follow this link for additional information on the armor set. Sale ends October 8, 2014.

Marine Look Outfits

We have two new Marine Looks joining our collection-- the Snappy and regular Marine Look costumes. If you like our previous two looks, may be you'll like these too!


Housing NPCs

These new Warehouse and General Goods Merchant NPCs are eager to serve. They will do a fine job of making sure you get what you need.


You can see all available sale items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Our 5th Anniversary is Coming!


As you might have noticed, we’ve done some redecorating.  We’ve got a shiny new background and a brand-new AION logo celebrating our 5th Anniversary! Yes, Aion is turning five. It seems like only yesterday the very first group of young Daevas took their first tentative steps into Atreia and never looked back.

This is a major milestone, and we don’t intend to let go by without some serious celebrating. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Along with our website re-branding celebrating this FIVE-tastic occasion, we’re launching the first of our 5th Anniversary events. Starting today, we are running a caption contest on Facebook. Head on over to our Facebook page and make sure you get in on the action there. Be sure to Like us on our Facebook page first!

Next week, things kick into high gear. On Monday, September 15, we’ll be running a Twitter Code Giveaway! Every day until October 1, we’ll be releasing a code on twitter. What’s the catch? One of the digits is missing! The first one to enter the correct code wins the item! So be sure you’re following us on twitter and get ready for Monday!

Wednesday, September 17, things really get rolling. Daeva’s Day, the annual anniversary celebration, comes to Aion. There will be cakes and lots of other great things to help everyone celebrate our fifth Anniversary. And we’ll also have another event starting on September 17, but we’re keeping that a secret for now…

The actual Anniversary date is Monday, September 22, and we’ll be celebrating with our players in-game. Look for more information in the coming days.

We’ll be posting more information about the Anniversary events and related items during the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check in with us so you don’t miss anything.

Tuning Scroll Weekend Sale - September 5, 2014

Previously only available as event prizes, Mythic Tuning Scrolls are now available on the store but for a limited time only! Tuning Scrolls can be used to re-tune weapons or armor prior to socketing or enchanting. If you've been holding on to a Mythic piece of equipment that needed a re-tune, look no further than our Tuning Scroll Sale!


Sale ends Monday, September 9 at 9 AM Pacific. All items are available in the in-game store or click here to see it on the web store.

Wrapping Scrolls Weekend Sale - August 22, 2014

Have you been wanting to trade or sell your untradeable equipment? Well, this weekend we have Wrapping Scrolls on sale in the store! Also for a limited time, we’ve put in a different C.U.B.E. bonus item for the Medium and Large C.U.B.E. All for this weekend only!

Wrapping Scrolls

Use Wrapping Scrolls to make an untradeable piece of equipment tradeable or sellable on the broker. Eternal and Fabled scrolls are available for Lv. 65 items and below.

C.U.B.E. Bonus Items

For this weekend only, the C.U.B.E. bonus is the Lucky Box for the MEDIUM C.U.B.E. and an Invader’s Bundle for the LARGE.

The Lucky Box, only available as a bonus item for the MEDIUM C.U.B.E., includes (1) of the following items:

*Greater Felicitous Socketing (Eternal)

*Tahabata Pet Egg (30-Slot Pack Pet)

*Greater Felicitous Socketing (Mythic)

*[Event] Lesser Composite Manastone Bundle


The Invader’s Bundle, only available as a bonus item for the LARGE C.U.B.E., includes (1) of the following items:

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Mythic Armor Tuning Scroll

*[Title Card] Swift-Footed

*Administrator’s Boon – 1-Time Pass

*Vindachinerk’s Fine Combination Tool

*[Event] Tiamat Guard’s Eternal Armor Chest

*[Event] Sauro Supply Base Entry Scroll

*[Event] Kahrun’s Lavish Box (1000 Symbols)

*Greater Scroll Bundle

*Greater Running Scroll (10 Minutes) (x15)

*[Event] Fine Restoration Serum (x5)



- FAQ -
What are Wrapping Scrolls?
There are three different types of Wrapping Scrolls, Accessories, Armor and Weapons with Eternal and Fabled versions available.

What items can be wrapped?
Most equipment items can be wrapped except for Abyss items, Coin items (not including Blood Mark gear), and Soulbound items. If you still don’t know if an item is wrappable or not, check the item description!


Sale ends Monday, August 25 at 9 AM Pacific. All items are available in the in-game store or click here to see it on the web store.

Player's Choice Sale - August 13, 2014


Two weeks ago, you voted on what new items to add, discount and put on sale for our first Player’s Choice Sale. The ballots have been casted and the votes have been tallied; the first Player’s Choice Sale is here with items decided by you! 

- New Items -

We have three new permanent additions to the store--Major Blessed Augment: Level 2, Major Deep Conditioning: Level 2, and Tiamat Spectral Wings. With the new Augmenting and Conditioning tools, you can augment or condition your eligible Level 65 equipment to Level 2. The Tiamat Special Wings have only been previously available from defeating Tiamat or through our various events. Now you can pick up these wings with stats from the store!

- Returning Items -

One can never have enough inventory space so the 32-slot Golden Pack Saam pet is back on the store for a limited time. Also returning on its own is the Enchanting Chest that gives two L90+ Enchantment Stones. These items are only available until August 27, 2014.

- Limited Time Discounts -

For a two-week period, we’ve discounted a few items from each of our store categories. Choose from an arrangement of items such as Aion’s Chosen title card, the Value Boost Pack, Ninja and Pirate Outfits, Emotion Cards, Abyss Extraction Tools, various types of pets, and housing cabinets and hearthblooms. Sale ends August 27, 2014.

- Permanent Price Drop -

As part of our ongoing price drops on classic store items, we’ve reduced the price on another set of items including Kahrun’s Wing and Marine Looks.


You can see all available Player's Choice Sale items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.



Now that everyone knows raccoons are among the coolest animals in all the galaxy, we thought we’d give everyone a chance to get in on the fun.

This weekend only,  we’ve put a few select items on sale to help you discover your inner raccoon.

First, there’s the Raccoon Costume, which comes in Classic Grey, Cute (Brown), and Lovely Pink.

And you’ll ned some cool weaponry as well, so we’ve got both Tiamat Royal Guard Weapon Skins and Voidtrace Weapon Skins on sale as well.

And, so you’re not lonely on your journey to awesomeness, there’s  the Crewcut Fungie Egg to accompany you on your journey. He is great.


Check out everything that’s on sale here, but don’t wait too long. This sale ends Monday morning at 10 AM Pacific! Click here to go to the store!

Player's Choice Sale Voting Starts Now!


Hey Daevas!

We’re going to have a player’s choice sale! What does that mean? It means exactly what you think it does—you, our esteemed Daeva customers, get to vote on a selection of items. The winners in each category will be put on sale at a special price for a limited time! To vote, all you need to do is log into the game and click the survey icon. Fill out the ballot—in secret or not, it’s up to you—and submit your survey when you’re done.  Categories include Pets, Housing, Style, Supply, New Items, and more!

But don’t delay! The voting period is limited—you have until August 6 to cast your ballot for this special sale! What are you still doing here? Get going!