Prepare for the Upheaval!


Today, we announced the title of Aion’s newest expansion, Upheaval. As you can imagine from the title, a lot is going to happen.

The Dragon Lord Beritra has continued to amass great power, and his assaults on Atreia have become more relentless and violent. Beritra has enacted large-scale invasions into the rest of Atreia from his hidden stronghold in Balaurea. But there is more to his strategy than just widespread destruction, as he searches for the ancient seals to unleash a power so great it threatens the lives of every living being in Atreia. And as his armies continue their advance, the landscape will be forever changed!

As the dramatic storyline of Aion continues to unfold, the expansion will also bring with it new zones, new questlines, and new gear. Players will once again find themselves challenged to improve their characters and their playstyles as they strive to locate the Dragon Lord and bring the battle to him on their terms.

We’ll have more details on the expansion in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, Daevas should prepare themselves for their greatest challenge yet.

Store Update - April 29, 2015

Aether Blades are back in the store but only for a limited time! If you’re looking for rare and/or high valued items, check out the the Infused Spring Box!


Aether Blades

Choose from the standard blue, Scarlet or Emerald to skin to your sword. Sale ends May 6, 2015.

Infused Spring Box

This seasonal box contains several rare items, including Abyss Accessory Extraction Tools and Enduring Mythic Tuning Scrolls! Available until May 13, 2015.

[Event] Fig

The Spring Harvest event is running from April 29 to May 13, 2015. If you need a fig, it is available on the store. Click here for Spring Harvest event details.

Utility Lockbox

The Utility Lockbox has returned, with updated items and a new, exclusive mount! Keys have a rare chance to drop in-game and can also be purchased on the store via the Lockbox Key Pouch. Don't forget, when opening a Lockbox, you have a chance to retain your key!


You can see all our store items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Black Market Deals - This Weekend Only

All Daevas know Shugos are a very enterprising group. With the arrival of all these shiny equipment over the last couple of weeks (which was itself the work of some very creative Shugos), a demand has been created. After all, everyone wants to be as powerful as they can be, right?

A group of Shugos has recently come into a large supply of manastones and related items. It’s not clear how, but the phrase “fell off the back of a dredgion" was heard whispered a couple of times. No one wants to ask questions. At any rate, the Shugos are making Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundles and more available at some great prices for a limited time on the Black Cloud Marketplace.

So hurry and check it out. And we do mean hurry! Because, the Shugos have said they will only be available until Monday morning. It seems they’re in quite a hurry to collect their money and leave town.

Click here to view the deals!

Panesterra War Efforts

Panesterra is Beritra’s final assault into Atreia and it is up to Daevas to put an end to Beritra’s development of dimensional teleportation technology. With any contested area, the rivalry between Asmodian and Elyos grow stronger. During these chaotic times, additional supplies are being delivered to those who step up to the challenge Panesterra presents. Enter Panesterra every Sunday at 7 PM Server Time and take up arms to claim your hold on Panesterra.


For level 65 players who attend the Panesterra sieges, a survey will be available during the hour of the siege. The survey includes:

  • -    Expeditionary Force Ceramium Medal Box
  • -    [Event] Premium Wind Serum

 For the unsuccessful server faction, the 100 participating level 65 players will be award the following the Monday after the siege:

  • -    51 GP via quest items
  • -    Dragon’s Improvement Box

For all those participating regardless of server or faction, there will be a chance to get a bonus reward.

  • Ten randomly chosen players will get:
  • -    Major Danuar Relic (AP)
  • -    Noble Idian Bundle
  • Two randomly chosen players will get:
  • -    Tiamat Whelp’s Egg (30 days)
  • -    Ruddytail Heorn (30 days)


Bonus items will be delivered by Monday after the siege. See you on Sunday, Daevas!

Store Update - March 11, 2015

A good suit of armor and a trusty mount can be decisive factors in a successful battle. Be a knight in shining armor with new Immortal Knight armor skin and matching accessories. For your trusty steed, the Immortal Knight’s War Steed is the fastest in town!

A Knight’s Tale

A matching armor costume, helmet and war steed are available for the shining knight you’ve always wanted to be.


Ruddytail and Palomeno Heoron Mounts

These beauties received a 10% price drop.

Be Green

Be green for St. Patrick's day! We've put all our green dyes on sale, half off for one week. Also, if you're looking for another way to get equipment purification materials, the Green Purification Bundle bundle may come in handy. It also comes with a Delta Enchantment Stone! Sale ends March 18, 2015.


You can see all our store items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Store Update - February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by gifts of flowers, chocolate, and other lavish surprises. Indulge yourself with chocolate in our limited time sale of Pureheart and Heartseeker weapons!


Pureheart & Heartseeker Weapons

White chocolate or dark chocolate, we have both flavors for you to pick from!

Broken Hearts Event

Find Broken Heart Boxes from instance mob drops or pick up them up from the store. Once per day you can purchase a Broken Heart Box for 1 NCoin. Click here for event details.

You can see all our store items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store. Sale ends February 25, 2015.

Panesterra Inter-server Sieges are Back!

The inter-server Panesterra sieges return this Sunday, February 1 starting at 7 PM Server Time! Panesterra was once part of Balaurea, ruled by the ancient Danuar. After a mysterious explosion of Ide in Kaldor, Panesterra was forced into another dimension. Continued Ide experiments in this new zone only brought further destruction across the land, this desolation revealed in its jagged cliffs and precarious bases.

Panesterra is the ultimate siege. No longer will you be fighting against your server's opposing faction. In the Panesterra siege, it is you against another server of either faction. Claim victory for your server faction and together you will all bask in all the glory this exciting new zone has to offer.



Click here to read more about the Panesterra inter-server sieges.