Weekend Sale - July 24, 2015


For the first time ever, Special Courier Passes are on the store. Choose the appropriate courier pass type and level to trade your gear via mail. Or pick up Tempering Solutions to temper your gear. All these items are available until Monday, July 27, 2015.


You can see all sale items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Store Update - July 22, 2015

This store update is huge! Numerous items are being added permanently like Abyss Extraction Tools for level 65 items and below, new housing items, and more. We also have a limited time sale of Composite Manastones and our supply of mounts is  temporarily discounted!


Composite Manastones

Open these bundles for a random Composite Manastone. Each bundle varies so read their item description. Items available until July 29, 2015.

Brilliant Abyss Extraction Tools

Use these new tools on Level 65 Abyss items and below. Level 60 and below Extraction Tools have been permanently discounted too.


Redecorate your home with camping style items.

Other Permanent Store Items

Our fashion stylists recommend the Orange Butterfly Outfit for those who don't mind showing a little skin. For those who need DP constantly, Zeraka Aether Jellies replenish DP every 15 minutes and their cooldown doesn't stack with other Jellies!

Mount Price Drop

Our inventory of mounts just got a price drop. Any mount you've been wanting to get at the hot price is available until July 29, 2015.


You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Hot Weekend Sale - July 17, 2015

The Utility Lockbox is back in rotation for the next four weeks and this weekend, we're offering a free bonus item with key purchases with the Hot Lockbox Key Bundle. Check out all the weekend sales items including Blood Marks, Ancestor's Relics, and more!

Hot Lockbox Key Bundle

Along with a Lockbox Key of your choice take your pick from Alchemical Transformation Formulas, Blood Marks, or Leader's Recovery Scroll.


Xenophon's Violet Box

Open this box for a chance to get idians, assortment of Manastones, and even Sauro Commander's Accessory Box.

Hot Purification Bundle

Expedite the Purification process by acquiring all the necessary Pallasite items.

Ancestor's Relic

Summon a monster at a Vocolith with this special stone.



Available for the first time for this weekend only, complete your Fearless Skirmisher's or Remodeled Danuar gear sets with the coins available on the store.


You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Wrapping Scrolls Weekend Sale - July 10, 2015

Wrapping Scrolls! Wrapping Scrolls! Get your wrapping scrolls here! For this weekend only, trade your untradeable armor, weapons, and accessories using wrapping scrolls. Fabled, Enternal and Mythic wraps are available for a limited time!



Sale ends Monday, July 13 at 9 AM Pacific. All items are available in the in-game store or click here to see it on the web store.


 - FAQ -

What are Wrapping Scrolls?

There are three different types of Wrapping Scrolls-- Accessories, Armor and Weapons with Eternal and Fabled versions available. These items can be used to make some of your untradeable items tradable. Limitations do apply.


What items can be wrapped?

Wrappable items are identified in the item description. Generally, Abyss items, Coin items (not including Blood Mark gear), and Soulbound items cannot be wrapped. If you still don’t know if an item is wrappable or not, check the item description.


Which items can the Mythic Wrapping Scrolls be used on?

Items amplified at +20 or higher can be wrapped using these Mythic Wrapping Scrolls. Be sure to check if your item can be wrapped before making your purchase.

Panesterra War Efforts - July 2015

Panesterra is Beritra’s final assault into Atreia and it is up to Daevas to put an end to Beritra’s development of dimensional teleportation technology. With any contested area, the rivalry between Asmodian and Elyos grows stronger. During these chaotic times, additional supplies are being delivered to those who step up to the challenge Panesterra presents. New supplies are heading to the front line. Enter Panesterra every Saturday at 6 PM Server Time and take up arms to claim your hold on Panesterra.

For level 65 players who attend the Panesterra sieges, a survey will be available during the hour of the siege. Effective Saturday, July 4, the survey includes:

  • -   Administrator's Boon (1 time use)
  • -   Resurrection Stone

 For the unsuccessful server faction, up to 100 participating level 65 players will be awarded the following the Monday after the siege:

  • -    51 GP via quest items
  • -    Dragon’s Improvement Box

For all those participating regardless of server or faction, there will be a chance to get a bonus reward.

  • Ten randomly chosen players will get either:
  • -    Drakenspire Depths Idian Bundle
  • -    Ahserion’s Flight Ancient Manastone Bundle
  • Two randomly chosen players will get either:
  • -    Kennercan’s Egg (30 days)
  • -    Pagati Veyron (30 days)


Bonus items will be delivered by Monday after the siege. See you on Saturday, Daevas!

Store Update - July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July! Visit the store and pick up your Independence Day bundle filled with fireworks and a couple of other helpful items for 0 NCoin. For the baseball fans, rep for your favorite sport with new costume items and more!

Batter up!

Look good for your next baseball game with the Little Slugger’s Uniform, accessories, and emotion cards!

Canada Day/Fourth of July

Grab your 0 NCoin bundle and show your patriotism with the Patriotic Dye Bundle or the Shugo Flag Bearer pet!

Wishing Fountain

Ongoing for the next couple of weeks is the Wishing Fountain event. Pick Aether Blooms in-game or get them on the store. Combine your Splitting Bloom with the Bonding Powder for more rewards!

Lockbox Key Pouch

We have one more week with the Fortune Lockbox where you can get Mythic Special Courier Passes and more. Find a key in game or buy it from the store!


You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Weekend Sale - June 26, 2015

Sharptooth Ripper! Sharptooth Bloodletter! Top Gun Title! For this weekend only, these items have been discounted up to 50% off the original price. We also have the Respite Benefit Package, and for 299 NCoin, you get two items from its prize list!

Sharptooth Ripper & Sharptooth Bloodletter

The fastest Sharptooth mounts we have in the store now half off for a limited time.


Top Gun Title

Let them all know that you are the best of the best with this cool, permanent title.

Respite Benefit Package

Get two random awesome items from this package. Epsilon Enchantment Stones, Blitzbolt Wings, and more.

Sale ends Monday, June 29, 2015. You can see all available sale items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.