Player's Choice Sale - September 16, 2015

The votes are in and the items for this year's Player's Choice Sale have chosen! We have a few new items on the store like a permanent Akumu Sidekick Summoning Lamp, Pureheart and Heartseeker weapon skins make a return, and a bunch of discounted items-- all for a limited time!

New Items

You've asked and we've added it. New to the store for a limited time include permanent pets. Also available is the Tomul and Denku Skin set.

Returning Items

Heartseek and Pureheart weapon skins make a grand return along with Aetherboard mounts.

Discounted Items

We have a bunch of consumable, supply, style, pets and housing items-- some discounted up to 50% off. Pick up discounted Lockbox Keys, Augment bundles, Title Cards, and even housing souvenirs at a cheaper price.


You can see all sale items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

6th Anniversary Player's Choice Sale Voting


It is our 6th anniversary and it would not be a celebration without the loyalty and support from our beloved players. Putting the power into your hands, we need your help in deciding items and even prices for our next store sale/update in our Player’s Choice Sale.

Log into the game and click on the survey icon to pull up the survey to vote. Fill out the ballot—in secret or not, it’s up to you—and submit your survey when you’re done.  Categories include Pets, Housing, Style, Supply, New Items, and more!

Don’t delay voting ends on September 16, 2015. Feel free to discuss your choices and thoughts on our forums! 

Aion's Anniversary Celebration


It’s Our Sixth Anniversary!

This is the favorite time of year for many Daevas, as September marks Aion's anniversary. Last year, Aion turned five and it was fanastic. This year we’re turning six and it’s going to be spectacular!

We’ve got a lot of great things planned for this month. Some old favorites will be returning, and some new things will be happening too. It’s going to be a month filled with excitement and activities, and you’ll have plenty of chances to participate and join the party. We’ll also have a couple of interesting surprises before the month is over.

What's a birthday celebration without cards? We’re running a Birthday Card Contest so you can design your very own birthday card for Aion. Hurry and get your entries in!

And no one loves a party more than Shugos! Today they’re announcing the return of the Shugo Emperor’s Vault, complete with an updated prize list! What’s better way to celebrate than to kill monsters and get fantastic treasure? But like all good things, it won’t last forever. It’s only around for two weeks, so make sure you get your runs in before it’s gone.

There's much more to come! We’ll keep updating this post as new events are added so you can keep track of all the Anniversary activities.

Weekend Sale - August 28, 2015


Courier passes of all flavors are here for a limited time! Pick up the appropriate pass to send your gear through the mail.

Or take to the skies with the Bulwark Burster wings of Illuminary Obelisk fame.


And don't forget to load up on Illusion Godstone Bundles for some Illusion Godstones to enhance your weapons!


You can see all sale items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Store Update - August 26, 2015

Voidtrace skins are back along with a few new items now permanently available on the store. Head over to the Black Cloud Marketplace and add some hi-tech flair to your character.  Wrapping and Tuning Scrolls have also returned for a limited time.




Put on this cool blindfold and fight using your other senses.

Silkwoven Scandal

Turn heads and get people talking with this scandalous shirt.

Voidtrace Skins

A high-tech, futuristic look for any adventurer.


Voidtrace Weapon Skins

Tech up your weapons with this advanced skin! 

Tuning Scrolls

Allows you to retune a single Mythic grade weapon or armor. Sale ends on September 9th.

Bonafide Enchantment Stone Box

Ten Epsilon Stones, two Omegas, and a chance for more!

Bonafide Enchanter's Deluxe Bundle

Six Bona fide Enchantment Stone Bundles and one Bona fide Manastone Box!

 Wrapping Scrolls

Makes an eligible weapon, armor, or accessory tradeable once. Sale ends September 9th. 


Daevic Fortune Cookie

Open this treat to reveal many powerful and exclusive items! Sale ends September 2nd. 



You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Aion's Immortal Saga Continues...


With Ascension comes immortality. While a blessing and a curse, one thing is certain... there's always something new on the horizon.

Summer Weekend Sale - August 14, 2015


Have some fun under the sun with a couple of exclusive items during this weekend sale. Try out the Seakissed Aetherboard or get your hands on a permanent Ailu Claw pet!


Summer Surival Pack

Try out the Seakissed Aetherboard for 30 Days while you use up the other consumables in this pack.


Summer Fun Pack

With the 34-slot Ailu Claw pet, store all your items including the enchancement items from this pack.

Hot Lockbox Key Bundle 

Along with a Lockbox Key of your choice take your pick from Alchemical Transformation Formulas, Blood Marks, or Leader's Recovery Scroll.


You can see all available items and more in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.