Prestige Pack Update


Changes are coming to the Prestige Pack! Very soon, we'll be updating the Prestige Pack with new rewards and benefits, along with extending these rewards past 18 months. For those already subscribed to the Prestige Pack, your rewards will roll over directly in to the new system. That means no starting over at month 1.

Today, we're excited to talk a bit about what will be changing. 

Prestige Badges

With this update, Prestige Badges will be retired and instead players will now receive a Prestige Pass. The Pass is a consumable item that applies to your entire account. With the new Prestige Pass, you'll no longer have to choose which character you want to receive the rewards or purchase multiple Prestige Packs to reap the benefits on multiple characters.

Benefits (Good for 30 days)

  • *Bonus Instance Entries (identical to and does not stack with the Instance Entry Boost Pack)
  • *Earn Prestige Coins for being logged in
  • *Bonus Seige Rewards:
  • *Extra Medals
  • *15% bonus to GP earned via fortress seiges only
  • *Access to Special NPCs and quests

Prestige Coins

The rate at which Prestige Coins are earned will also be changing. 

  1. 30 Coins will be earned within 10 minutes of logging in.
  2. 20 Coins will be earned every hour for the first three hours after logging in.
  3. Coins can also be found by hunting monsters in the field and in instances.

As before, Prestige Coins can be redeemed for a variety of items, but the list has been completely revamped. By visiting the Prestige Society Vending Machine you can take your pick from exclusive costumes, mounts, pets, and other items. 


Rewards and NPCs

Throughout Atreia, special NPCs belonging to the Prestige Society will be spawned that provide benefits to players with an active Prestige Pass. There are quests for characters level 10 and above that grant a variety of gear and other items, including the Prestige Wings.

The Buffatron 9000 is available to grant a 5% movement speed buff and a 10% drop increase buff for 24 hours.


Because the prices are being scaled higher, all Prestige Coins currently in the world will be multiplied by 8.For example, if you currently have 40 Prestige Coins, those will be exchanged for 40 bundles of 8 Prestige Coins each (320 Coins total).

Monthly Bonus Rewards

We’re also making the monthly rewards more convenient for different play styles. Instead of receiving Ceramium Medals and Ancient Crowns, you'll be given a choice of items. The Medals and Crowns will still be available, just alongside a variety of items to choose from.

Because they are being moved to a quest reward, the 6-month Prestige Wing reward will be replaced by a brand new title, Prestigious Initiate. If you've previously received the Prestige Wings, the Prestigious Initiate title will be mailed to you within one week of the update.

If you have questions or concerns about the new Prestige Pack rewards, let us know on the forums.