November 18, 2015 Game Update Is Live!


Greetings Daevas,

Our latest free update for Aion: Upheaval is now live!

The update contains changes to the Abyss and Panesterra, quality of life upgrades, and plenty of new gear for players to collect.  There are plenty of other changes as well, so be sure to read the 4.9 patch notes when the update goes live.  For now, here is a brief rundown of a few major changes.

The Abyss:

In the aftermath of your battle with Beritra, whispers have begun to surface of the return of the Ereshkigal Legion.  Detecting this new movement in the Upper Abyss, the Elyos and Asmodians have constructed Landings, advance fortifications to carry out aggressive strikes against the Balaur.

The Abyss has gone through some pretty big changes.  The Core has been sealed away and is no longer accessible, a new group of islands has emerged in the Lower Abyss which will serve as a Level 46+ hunting ground, and the Upper Abyss is how home to 16 new bases and 2 new factional landings.  The bases begin occupied by either the Ereshkigal or Beritra Legions and reside in both the inner and outer sections.  There are also 4 artifacts among them for players to control and use.


Daevas of all ranks can now enter Panesterra if there are not enough entries by the top 1000 ranked individuals.  Maximum entrants remains at 100.

Sealed Argent Manor:

Sealed Argent Manor is a new level 65 solo instance that can be accessed through Territory Villages in Cygnea and Enshar.


New Mythic PvP gear and Mythic Daevanion gear can now be acquired.  The PvP gear can be acquired with Blood Marks and a new item, Blood Medals, while the Daevanion gear can be crafted.


Amplification Tools and Stones are no longer required to enchant past maximum level.  Remaining Tools can be sold back to vendors at their purchase cost and Amplification Stones will be exchanged for Omega Enchantment stones at a 1:1 ratio.

There are many more changes than this, so be sure to read the full patch notes here!