The New and Improved Lockboxes

In the upcoming INVASION update, we are overhauling the lockbox system.  For starters, we will be retiring the Combat, Wealth and Enchantment Lockboxes and introducing a completely new set of lockboxes with some exciting changes. These new Lockboxes will  be the Utility, Power and Fortune Lockboxes. While they share some similar characteristics with their predecessors, they offer additional new features!


The new lockboxes feature an entirely new reward list! This doesn’t mean minor adjustments to the previous boxes but in fact a complete overhaul of rewards. There are new items exclusive to the lockboxes, such as a permanent Lustrous Skymane mount, Sidekick Akumu Summoning Lamp, Timeless equipment boxes, as well as other desirable items like Tempering Solutions and Courier Passes.


Lockbox Keys

The Lockbox keys work slightly differently now. On top of the rewards in the lockbox, there is a chance for you to get your key back when you open the lockbox in addition to your normal reward. That’s double the rewards with just one key!

We’re also changing the way keys are made available on the Black Cloud Marketplace. Instead of purchasing different keys depending on what is dropping in the game, you will instead be able to purchase a lockbox key pouch and select the key you want when opening it. That way, you can keep your key in the bundle until you find the box you want to open with it. Just make sure you pick the right key!



And one of the biggest changes we’ve made is the price! Lockbox keys are now cheaper, at just 199 NCoin per key pouch. So you’ve got a chance at better rewards at a lower price. But that’s not all. For those of you who like to stock up on keys, we’ve put together bundles of 5 and 10 key pouches that will save you even more money! Be sure to visit the BCM on November 5 and check them out.


- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: TL;DR , what makes these new Lockboxes better?

The Utility, Power and Fortune Lockboxes have brand new prize lists with keys at a new low price. Upon opening one of the new Lockboxes, there is also a chance to get your key back to claim rewards in another Lockbox. 


Q: I still have the old Lockbox Keys. What will happen to these keys?

After the INVASION update on November 5, 2014 your old lockbox keys will automatically switch over to the new keys according to the chart.


Q: Why do I have a Utility Lockbox Key, Fortune Lockbox Key or Power Lockbox Key?

If you had any of the former Lockbox Keys in 4.5, these have been automatically changed to the new keys. You can still use these keys to get great rewards from lockboxes that drop in Atreia!


Q: I opened a lockbox but I still have my key. Did I do something wrong?

Don’t worry, you just had good luck. When you open a lockbox you will now have a chance to get the key you used back. You will still get the normal reward from the list, but you can now use that key to open another box.


Q: I have the old Lockbox keys. Can I petition to Support to pick the new Lockbox keys I want?

The keys will automatically change over to the new ones as mentioned below and we will not be taking any requests for replacing keys.


Q: What if I want the rewards in the old Lockbox?

The Wealth Lockbox will be available until maintenance on November 5, so please use your keys before the maintenance if you are interested in rewards specific to that box. If you have Combat or Enchantment Lockbox Keys, you will not be able to use them due to the respective Lockbox unavailability but you will receive new keys that can be used for future lockbox rotations.


Q: What should I do if I want more lockboxes?

While we've adjusted the lockboxes drop rate, it will continue to drop in nearly all zones available to Daevas. The Steel Rose instances will feature a slightly higher drop rate, so consider running any version of these instances if you want additional chances at awesome rewards.


Q: What items are in the new boxes?

Item lists will always be available on the store page for the Lockbox Key Pouch, with rewards for the currently available lockbox shown.



The first new lockbox going into rotation will be the Utility Lockbox. More information on the Utility Lockbox will be available on November 5, 2014.