The Nightmare Circus Returns


Having captured the Queen of Faeries Yume and intending to harness her power for himself, Heiramune continues his plot to invade Atreia. With Yume's ability to make dreams into reality, Heiramune intends to harness that power in order to cross realms and bring with him his Nightmare Circus. Treasure and reward await any Daeva brave and strong enough to face Heiramune and save Yume. 

- Instance Information -

  • Duration: October 21 through November 4, 2015
  • Dungeon Name: Nightmare Circus
  • Players: 2-6 Required
  • Level: 30+
  • Re-entry Time: Once a day and bonus scrolls are also available from the store.
  • Where: Sanctum, Pandaemonium

- How to Participate -

To help save Yume, you must be at least level 30 with a minimum group of two players. Yume’s faerie friends are available in Pandaemonium or Sanctum. Speak to them to start the Nightmare Circus instance. The fairies have asked the Daevas for help, and to hide your identity, you will be transformed into a Khum’gom, a bear-like creature. As a Khum’gom, your regular attack skills will not work; you will be given five preset skills including a healing spell. To become even stronger, you can transform into a Nightmare Circus Harlequin. The Harlequin transformations are available via an in-game quest. Additional ones can be purchased on the store.


- Location -

Dungeon entrances located in the capital cities, Pandaemonium and Sanctum.


- Stage One -

Once you’ve transformed into a Khum’gom or a Harlequin, you can start the instance by attempting to break the cage lock holding Yume captive. Monsters will come down the three gates and circle the cage. You must defeat these monsters before the first boss, Mistress Viloa, spawns or you’ll have to fight them while she is there. Viloa will only appear for a short time so defeat her and grab the keys she drops!

- Stage Two -

When Mistress Viloa is defeated or despawns, she summons the second boss, Harlequin Lord Reshka. Upon appearance, he will spawn boxes which contain monsters that he can use. Destroy the boxes to stop Reshka from using them. Make sure you defeat Reshka before he despawns, or you won’t get any key from him to use later.

- Stage Three -

Nightmare Lord Heiramune, the final boss, will appear once Reshka is defeated or has despawned. Heiramune must be defeated to rescue Yume and will not despawn. During the fight, he will summon nightmare creatures and a phantom of himself, which will cast healing spells, to aid him.

Once Heiramune is defeated, Yume will be freed from her cage and her faerie friends will join in to thank you. The Nightmare Crates will spawn and players can open the crates with keys dropped or purchased from the store. A normal Nightmare Crate requires one key to open while the Greater Nightmare Crates need three.

Now that you've completed the instance you can run it again with a bonus scroll or wait until the instance cooldown resets the next day. Bonus scrolls are also available in the store to reset the cooldown timer.


- Rewards -

These are the prizes available from the Nightmare Crates. The keys drop from the bosses after you defeat them. Mistress Viloa and Grand Lord Reshka will both guarantee a drop of two keys and they have a chance to drop additional keys. Nightmare Lord Heiramune will drop one key. Party members must roll for each key so set the ground rules for looting and rolling on the keys. If you want to open more crates, keys can also be acquired through the store.

Normal Nightmare Crate (Requires 1 key to open)

[Event] Superior Manastone Bundle

[Event] Hyperion's Wing Chest

[Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle

[Event] Scroll Bundle

Tempering Solution

[Event] Dye Bundle

Spooky Spandex (7 days)

Major Relic Box

[Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle

Ceramium Medal

Administrator's Boon IV - 1 Hour

[Event] Noble Commander Card

Omega Enchantment Stone

[Event] Raksha Weapon Box

Glittering Shell

[Event] Tahabata Weapon Box

[Event] Hyperion's Mythic Weapon Chest

[Event] Dreamer's Reward (event reward bundle)

[Event] Hyperion's Mythic Armor Chest

Glittering Shell

Helper Pixie Pet (15 Day)

Helper Pixie Pet (30 day)

Expeditionary Force Ceramium Medal Box



Greater Nightmare Crate (Requires 3 keys to open)


[Event] Hyperion's Mythic Weapon Chest

[Event] Raksha Weapon Box

[Event] Hyperion's Mythic Armor Chest

Administrator's Boon IV - 1 Hour

[Event] Hyperion's Wing Chest

Ceramium Medal

Glittering Shell

Major Ancient Crown

Tempering Solution

[Event] Dye Bundle

Omega Enchantment Stone

Mithril Medal (x10)

Spooky Spandex

Conqueror's Mark

Raksha Weapon Box

Major Relic Box

[Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle

[Event] Dreamer's Reward

Stigma Sack

Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (M)

Helper Pixie Pet (15 day)

Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (E)

Helper Pixie Pet (30 day)





The Greater Nightmare Crate has a higher chance to give the Dreamer's Reward. The Dreamer's Bundle may contain the following:


*Yume's Cute Costume

*Yume's Stage Top

*Yume's Stage Pants

*Yume's Stage Shoes

*Yume's Stage Gloves

*Yume's Stage Shoulders

*Yume's Stage Headpiece

*Yume's Harp

*Yume's Angel Wing Feather (Stats, Untradeable)

*Yume's Angel Wing Feather

*Nightmare Circus Reset Scroll

*Tea of Repose - 20% Recovery

*Magic Card: Private Jester Summoning Card

*Tea of Repose - 50% Recovery

*[Title] Yume's Rescuer (3 days)

*Greater Running Scroll (1 hour)

*[Title] Yume's Rescuer (7 days)

*Major Crit Strike Scroll (1 hour)

*Greater Awakening Scroll (1 hour)

*Major Crit Spell Scroll (1 hour)




- Event Tips-

  1. While the minimum group entry requirement is 2, we highly recommend you taking a full party!
  2. The mobs will not attack until they are alerted of your presence. Be careful and avoid accidentally training the mobs on your group because they will hurt!
  3. For even more HP and powerful attacks, you can use a Harlequin transformation when you enter the instance.
  4. Yume will heal you every few seconds if you're near her cage so consider fighting monsters near her.
  5. Try to take down as many mobs as possible before the first boss, Mistress Viloa, spawns or you’ll end up fighting her and a horde of monsters.
  6. The Stage One boss, Mistress Viloa, and the Stage Two boss, Grand Lord Reshka, will despawn if they aren’t defeated in the allotted time.
  7. When fighting Heiramune, designate certain group members to fight the Mammoths and Phantom Heiramune. Take down Phantom Heiramune as soon as you can, as he can heal the Nightmare Lord Heiramune.