10/10 maintenance: 3.5 is coming! Birthday events ending, new 3.5 events beginning!

Tomorrow is the long-awaited 3.5 update, bringing new content, new events, and new items in the Black Cloud Marketplace!

Maintenance begins tomorrow, Wednesday, October 10, at 5:30 AM Central Time, and is scheduled to end at 11:30 AM Central Time. The 3.5 update filesize is 1.5 GB.

3rd Birthday Events—Daeva for Daeva's Day, Birthday Boom, Birthday Banquet, and Empyrean Lord Crystals—will end tomorrow with the maintenance, so be sure to do these events while you can! (Be sure to spend those Empyrean Lord's Crystals, as the NPCs will be removed after the maintenance period!)

Three new 3.5 events will be beginning following the maintenance:

  • Tiamat's Treasure Hunter
    Collect and combine 5 elemental fragments to earn Tiamat Treasure Chests that can contain valuable rewards!

  • Tiamat's Slayer
    Be the first alliance to defeat Tiamat to win an exclusive prestige title! Share your alliance's battle tactics with the community to win another exclusive title, or even your choice of an Eternal Tiamat weapon!

  • Power of the Rings
    For two weeks, we're giving away a set of two special Eternal Rings on every 30th enchantment stone bundle purchase!

Tiamat's ruin will be upon her tomorrow! Get ready for Aion 3.5!