Octoberfest is Here!

Festival planner Octobrunerk is preparing for the upcoming beer festival, Octoberfest. He has invited the top three Brewmasters to Sanctum and Pandaemonium to come to the festival and promised a big reward to the one who can brew the best beer. While not persuaded by the the festival or the promise of reward, the Brewmasters were intrigued by the chance to compete against each other and determine once and for all whose beer is best. 


- How to Participate - 

Phase One: Harvesting Barley (October 7 to October 21)

During the event, you can speak to NPC Octobrunerk to receive a daily quest to collect 20 Fresh Barley which can be found in world and instance drops.

You'll be rewarded 1 Dried Barley and 5 Lite Beers for completing the quest. The Lite Beer will recover 5% of your Energy of Repose and the Dried Barley can be used at one of three Brewmasters to purchase a claim ticket. Spend your Dried Barley wisely, since the Brewmaster you choose will determine your rewards based on their ranking in the contest.

This daily quest is repeatable only during Phase One with a maximum of 14 claim tickets.


Phase Two: The Contest Winner (October 21 to November 4)

During  the three Brewmasters will now offer prizes in exchange for the claim tickets earned during Phase One. The prizes offered will differ based on their ranking and claim tickets can only be redeemed at the Brewmaster they came from originally. We recommend going with one Brewmaster to maximize your rewards.


- Location - 

Event NPCs can be found in Pandaemonium for Asmodians and Sanctum for Elyos.


- Rewards - 

Once Phase Two starts on October 21, one of the Brewmasters (Eimaj, Reklov, or Nitram) will be declared the victor. Each Brewmaster will offer various rewards for the appropriate claim tickets. You can also purchase the victor's winning claim ticket on the store if an item catches your fancy.

From the victorious Brewmaster, you can pick up the [Event] Winner's Thank-you Gift for 12 claim tickets. The box includes:

*[Title Card] Drunken Master - 90 day pass

*[Event] First Place Beer - x10 - Replenishes 20% Energy of Repose

*Medal Box - Chance for Ceramium Medal or Fragemented Ceramium


The runner up Brewmaster offers [Event] Runner-up’s Thank-you Gift that includes:

*[Event] Second Place Beer - x10 - Replenishes 10% Energy of Repose

*Medal Box - Chance for Ceramium Medal or Fragemented Ceramium


The third Brewmaster offers [Event] Consolation Thank-you Gift that includes:

*[Event] Third Place Beer - x10 - Replenishes 5% Energy of Repose

*Medal Box - Chance for Ceramium Medal or Fragemented Ceramium


Each Thank-you Gift will also give you one other reward item with the Winner's Gift having the better odds.

*Blood Mark Box

*Dynatoum's Brazen Armor Box

*Dynatoum's Brazen Weapon Box

*Omega Enchantment Stone

*Tempering Solution



Phases One will be available until October 21 and Phase Two will start on October 21 and end on November 4. Collect your barley and get your bets in!