[East]Meslamtaeda Joins the Family

A very welcome addition to our North American server family cleared all testing phases and evaluation procedures just moments ago. Our East Coast servers have been some of the more popular ones to date and [East]Meslamtaeda intends to hold the torch high and provide even more options to current and future East Coast players alike.

The name 'Meslamtaeda' comes from one of the feared Dragon Lords, one that has many times been called the 'Lord of Death and Fear'.


Origine First to Capture a Fortress

Origine, a French legion on the [FRA] Suthran server, is by no means a new name to the MMO scene, having years' worth of experience. Late Friday night September 25, 2009, it was the first Legion in North America and Europe to lay claim to a fortress in the Abyss. Siel's Western Fortress on [FRA] Suthran is now under Elysean dominion! Origine has a challenging task ahead of itself: keeping the fortress secure. To remain kings of the hill, the Legion will need to avoid another title that is as equally feared as its current title is coveted: "First Legion to Have Lost a Fortress." Origine has done a good job on defending and conquering fortresses, as the Legion also captured Siel's Eastern Fortress during the weekend.

We managed to have a short talk with Gwarf, the Centurion of Origine, in order to gain some insight into what it takes to play in the big leagues.

Ayase: Hey Gwarf!
Congratulations on the recent accomplishment! You were the first Legion in North America and Europe to take down a fortress on our servers.

[West]Fregion is coming!

[West]Fregion is live! [West]Fregion is the first server to be added after our very successful launch of Aion. A European server and an East Coast North American server are also on the way.

The name "Fregion" has its origin in ancient Atreian lore, taken from the one Drakan that sparked history-altering pretension in the Balaur Empire, eventually leading to the Epic Cataclysm.

[West]Fregion has been set to North American West Coast time and is only the first in a line of servers we are rolling out. Aion has enjoyed tremendous popularity during these first couple of days, and we are aware of the queues on the most populated servers. We hope that our addition of fresh servers to choose from and conquer, for new and old players alike, will help in making these queues shorter and allow even more players to enjoy the game.

Customer Support Hot Topics!

Queue Times and Waiting to Play
The popularity of specific servers has caused queues to be necessary. These queues are based on the given server load. The wait times for our more populated servers will be longer than the wait time for less populated servers. You can use the tracking tools on the Aion website to determine which servers are most populated and which ones will have the longest or shortest wait times in the login queue. Login queues will shorten (and disappear) over the next several days as players spread out across our currently available servers. We are also working on several ways to alleviate the wait time in the queues.

Aion Full Demo Accounts from iGames

From September 26 through October 9, over 100 iGames LAN centers in North America will be giving you the opportunity to try out Aion for free. Grab your friends and head on over to a participating location near you to claim your Aion full demo account that will allow you to play for up to 3 days, 5 in-game hours, or level 7, whichever you reach first! You will retain your character and progress during and after the demo period. Plus, each participating location will give you 1 free hour to play at the store with your friends!

Fifth Installment of "Tales of Aion"

The "Tales of Aion" continue in this fifth fan-fiction rendition of a storyline bringing the Atreians Esala'ayni and Korasai from mere humanity to ascendance. Read on to catch the exciting conclusion.

"Tales of Aion is a five-part fictional story written by Michael Lafferty at GameZone. It traces the stories of two characters, one Elyos and one Asmodian as they move through the world and into a battlefield where the races collide.. It is a personal journey for each — Esala'ayni, the Elyos ranger, and Korasai, the Asmodian spiritmaster — from their re-awakening in the world to their acceptance of who they are and what their place is in the torn land."

Server Queues and Course of Action

At NCSOFT our commitment is to making the MMO player experience the best it can be. And while Aion has seen a very successful launch that has exceeded our expectations in many ways, we are aware of the longer than usual queue times that players have experienced on some of the servers. This is due to the initial rush of players that we've seen in the early days of the game's launch in Europe and North America.

Since the opening of Head Start this past weekend, we've have been heavily focused on striking the delicate balance between managing busy servers with queue times versus overcompensating by adding new servers too quickly that are then underpopulated and don't deliver a fun experience for players. We did indeed see an initial rush on the first days of Head Start which resulted in longer than desired queue times for some of our servers, and we are working around the clock to alleviate this. In fact, we are happy to confirm we have increased our server caps and are adding an additional server in both North America and Europe by this weekend, and we will continue to evaluate adding additional servers.