Announcements is Suiting Up New Player-

The release of Aion marks the beginning of a long anticipated story—your own. We are introducing a wide array of new functions in our website to provide more player-focused information for Aion.

Have you ever been dying to show off some of your character's new equipment to a friend quickly and easily? We have gone to great lengths to make this as easy as it should be. will soon be updated with a quick character search function and detailed character pages that will allow you and others to view your characters with all their accoutrements directly in a browser. You will also be able to view server statistics and Abyss Rankings in order to follow your own and your friends' progress through the game—or to find out what numbers you need to beat to reach the top!

More Details on Preselection

Aion's release is right around the corner, and our anticipation is running high! The beards and hairstyles of the character creator are groomed and lined up, jostling against each other in eagerness to be picked for your characters in this coming weekend's Preselection and Head Start Programs.

Preselection is a benefit available to anyone who preordered Aion. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible, simply log in to your NCSOFT Master Account to verify that your game account is listed and your account type is not designated as "Beta".

Aion Launch Version!


As we draw closer to tomorrow I wanted to give everyone a brief update on the progress of our live version. We are excited to announce that we will be serving out the final update for you to patch within the next few hours. You will be able to use this version for both our Preselection and our Head Start. We are very excited with our final product and think that you will be as well! Below are the release notes for the patch you will see later today:

  • Aion now features all three languages French, German and English. To select your language simply right click on Aion within your launcher and go to Properties->Language Options. Please select which languages you wish to download and which you wish Aion to display.

Head Start Gets Detailed

Aion's Head Start is right around the corner. Details surrounding the Preselection program of Aion were very recently announced, but is only one of the benefits of preordering. Those of you who preordered the game will very soon not only be able to access Preselection, where they can create characters and reserve names, but also to leap into the game and explore the world before everyone else. Head Start opens up Aion's full feature set and allows preorder buyers to play the game just as if it was released a couple of days earlier.

Gearing up with Preorder and Collector's

The benefits are many to be had if you have preordered Aion or are the owner of a rare and much coveted Limited Collector's Edition. Notable among these is an array of in-game items you can give to your characters.

To assign them to your characters, please follow these instructions.

NOTE: You will need to follow these steps for each new character you create in order for it to receive the items. You will not be able to do this right now, but the feature will be enabled shortly.

  1. Log into NCSOFT Account Management.

Video Podcast #4 - The Aion Global Commu

Hear from players just like you in the latest Video Podcast! In the fourth official Aion Video Podcast, Associate Producer Lani Blazier and the development team in Seoul, Korea answer burning questions asked by the community. Curious about Abyss Points? Wondering just what is with that Asmodian back hair?

Find out these answers and more in Video Podcast #4 on!

The Fourth Installment of "Tales of Aion

Michael Lafferty at spins the riveting story of "Tales of Aion". The fictional chronicle is the continuing story of the Elyos Esala'ayni and the Asmodian Korasai. This most recent installment, the fourth in the five-part narrative, features Korasai. Now far away from his home of Pandaemonium, the Spiritmaster Korasai and his allies must face a threat in the damp, thick air of Mahindel Swamp. Read the fourth installment now, and catch up on the first three installments, all on We've provided links to all are four parts below.