10 Days of Reactivation

Greetings Daevas,

If you've stayed recent with events, you'll no doubt have caught the upcoming double XP and 99% off of Soul Healing weekends!

In anticipation of these weekends we had a little talk to Santanyerk before he saddled his Meek Grankers. The result, aside from an involuntary commitment to donating half his Christmas porridge, were 10 days of gift-wrapped Aion account reactivation, an excellent opportunity for friends with accounts in good standing who have been away from the game!

The reactivation period starts 8:00am PST on 3rd December 2010, and runs until 8:00am PST on 13th December 2010. Tell your online friends and Legion mates to come back to enjoy the new increased drop rates of Aion 2.1! For more information, visit our Aion Community Event Calendar.


- The Aion Community Team