Wheel of Fortunerk - 5th Anniversary Edition


The Wheel of Fortunerk Returns!

Not one to miss a great party, the Wheel of Fortunerk has rolled into town just in time for the 5th Anniversary celebration, and it’s bringing some great new prizes. In fact, this is the largest prize list overhaul in the Wheel’s history!

Those seeking fame and fortune will be glad to see that Palaces are still available as one of the Wheel’s top prizes, but we’ve also got a lot of items debuting on the wheel for the first time.

First among the notable new entries are plumes. The regular wheel can award a +8 Plume, and the Gold Wheel can award an exceptionally rare +10 Plume!

More great prizes have been added including pets, wings, and a new mount. We’ve also updated the Hyperion gear available with the tradable Hyperion’s Mythic Weapon Chest and Hyperion’s Mythic Armor Chest. And, in celebration of Davea’s Day, the Aether Flame is available for the duration of the Wheel’s run. Take a look at the full prize list next to the Wheel to see all the available items.

The Wheel of Fortunerk runs from September 17 until maintenance on October 1. Give it a spin, and see what you win.

Click here to spin!