Wrapping Scrolls Weekend Sale - August 22, 2014

Have you been wanting to trade or sell your untradeable equipment? Well, this weekend we have Wrapping Scrolls on sale in the store! Also for a limited time, we’ve put in a different C.U.B.E. bonus item for the Medium and Large C.U.B.E. All for this weekend only!

Wrapping Scrolls

Use Wrapping Scrolls to make an untradeable piece of equipment tradeable or sellable on the broker. Eternal and Fabled scrolls are available for Lv. 65 items and below.

C.U.B.E. Bonus Items

For this weekend only, the C.U.B.E. bonus is the Lucky Box for the MEDIUM C.U.B.E. and an Invader’s Bundle for the LARGE.

The Lucky Box, only available as a bonus item for the MEDIUM C.U.B.E., includes (1) of the following items:

*Greater Felicitous Socketing (Eternal)

*Tahabata Pet Egg (30-Slot Pack Pet)

*Greater Felicitous Socketing (Mythic)

*[Event] Lesser Composite Manastone Bundle


The Invader’s Bundle, only available as a bonus item for the LARGE C.U.B.E., includes (1) of the following items:

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll

*Mythic Armor Tuning Scroll

*[Title Card] Swift-Footed

*Administrator’s Boon – 1-Time Pass

*Vindachinerk’s Fine Combination Tool

*[Event] Tiamat Guard’s Eternal Armor Chest

*[Event] Sauro Supply Base Entry Scroll

*[Event] Kahrun’s Lavish Box (1000 Symbols)

*Greater Scroll Bundle

*Greater Running Scroll (10 Minutes) (x15)

*[Event] Fine Restoration Serum (x5)



- FAQ -
What are Wrapping Scrolls?
There are three different types of Wrapping Scrolls, Accessories, Armor and Weapons with Eternal and Fabled versions available.

What items can be wrapped?
Most equipment items can be wrapped except for Abyss items, Coin items (not including Blood Mark gear), and Soulbound items. If you still don’t know if an item is wrappable or not, check the item description!


Sale ends Monday, August 25 at 9 AM Pacific. All items are available in the in-game store or click here to see it on the web store.