[Update] Server Consolidation - Early October

As previously stated in our last few Producer’s Letter, we will be consolidating servers in early October, 2017 to unify our current population.

The consolidation is as follows:



Siel, Beritra

To be Named

Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat

To be Named


We have not determined names for these two servers, and you can help us pick names by following our guidelines and suggesting names here!              

Server Transfer Service

We have updated our FAQ with the the most updated information on the server transfer service which you can find here.

Housing Auction

Housing auctions will be suspended two weeks before the merging date. Houses mid-auction will return to the selling player, and players will be able to continue to retain and use their house until the server consolidation. After the consolidation, any player that had a house previously will lose it, and players will receive the Kinah price they paid for their home + 4 weeks of maintenance fees.  For clarity, when we talk about “Houses” here, we mean any non-instanced housing – House, Mansion, Estate and Palace.

Housing auctions will be opened in October.

Character Name Change & Legion Name Change

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change Tickets will be temporarily unavailable starting on September 13. The fewer last minute changes made to our database, the lower the likelihood of issues during the consolidation. For details regarding character names after the consolidation, please refer to our FAQ here.

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change Tickets will be available again in October.

Be sure you make your server name suggestions here and check out FAQ for the answers to popular questions regarding the consolidation.