Fourth of July Limited-Time Sale

Happy Fourth of July, Daevas! For this holiday weekend, we have selected a few items to put on sale to commemorate the declaration of independence of the good ol’ U S of A. We have Red, White and Blue Dyes on sale along with the Shugo Flag Bearer Pet, USA. We also have a new Enchantment Stone box, Aion’s Gift, on sale as well. For Daevas, we put together an Independence Day Bundle filled with items to use over the weekend for free!

Independence Day Bundle

A bundle of items to help you celebrate the Fourth of July. The bundle is free and can be picked up from the store. Only available 1 per account.

Red, White and Blue Dyes

Red, White and Blue Dyes prices have been slashed in half and you can get an even better deal with the Patriotic Dye Bundle containing all three Dyes!

Aion Gift’s

A limited-time Enchantment Stone Box that will randomly give you a stone between level 81 and 129. Odds of getting any stone are at the same rate!

Shugo Flag Bearer Egg, USA

Nothing says ‘Murica like a pet waving the USA flag.

Fourth of July Sale ends on Monday July 7, 2014. You can see all available sale items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.