Upheaval is Here!


Today, the world of Atreia has been changed forever with the release of Upheaval.  A devastating attack has scarred the world, destroying Katalam, Danaria, Sarpan, and Tiamaranta; those lands are now gone forever. This massive destruction heralds the arrival of the Dragon Lord Beritra, who takes his first steps into Atreia on his path of continued conquest. The object of his desire lies in the newly-risen island that is home to Cygnea, Enshar, and the foreboding Drakenspire Depths.

The surviving Daevas must now muster their courage and put an end to Beritra’s machinations before the rest of Atreia falls victim to his plans. Those who would stop Beritra will face him in the furthest reaches of the Drakenspire Depths, but be sure you are prepared.

The bravest and most skilled of Daevas who can defeat him first will find themselves rewarded. Be sure to check out our Server First: Defeat Beritra contest, which launches with Upheaval. It’s your world to defend.


Take flight and face Beritra!