Upheaval Arrives June 17


Mark your calendars! The new free content expansion Aion: Upheaval launches on June 17! This expansion will bring massive and destructive change to the world of Atreia, as Beritra takes the next steps in his master plan.  Long buried in shadowed reaches of Katalam and Danaria, the Sealing Stones hummed with ancient commands. Under the cover of the invasion, Beritra managed to destroy the Sealing Stones. With their magic halted, the land under Sarpan, Tiamaranta, Katalam and Danaria began to quake as an ancient island rose from the ocean. A massive tidal wave crashed into Balaurea and broke apart the Reian lands, banishing them forever to the ocean floor.

Now, Beritra seeks a powerful ancient relic in the emerged lands of Cygnea and Enshar.  With so much already lost, it is finally time for you to face the Dragon Lord!

The task of saving this shattered world falls to you, brave Daevas. But before you face the might of the Dragon Lord, prepare yourself for what is to come.

Code Red: Atreia returns in advance of the expansion, giving players a leveling boost and some free buffs and potions to help them in the trials that lay ahead.

Also today, the End of the World event begins. With Beritra’s arrival, a number of instances will be gone forever. Be sure to get your final runs in and get what you need, as well as maybe a little something extra.


For more information on the expansion, be sure to check out the Upheaval site. And prepare yourself! You only have two weeks to make yourself ready.