Shugonanigans Sale Redux

If you missed our Memorial Day Shugonanigans Sale this past weekend, here it is again for a limited time! From now until Wednesday, May 29, 2014 12 PM Central, pick up any number of these items from the Black Cloud Marketplace or the CUBE.


[Event] Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundle

If you're in need of Composite Manastones, this bundle has the best rates on the more desirable stone stats.


Golden Pack Saam

Previously only available through the Daevic Fortune Cookie, this unique 32-slot pet is now on sale! The Golden Saam will not conflict with the Harvest Saam, so have all the inventory space you need!


Shugo Imperial Tomb Bonus Entry Scroll

Shugo Imperial Tomb Bonus Entry Scrolls are 10% off!


Greater Enchantment Stone Bundle

For the duration of this sale, every LARGE CUBE purchase will receive a Greater Enchantment Stone Bundle as a bonus item instead of a Premium Crown Boxes. This bundle guarantees (1) Enchantment Stone between L120 to L130. The bundle is only available for a limited time, so if you want Enchantment Stones instead of Crowns, buy a LARGE CUBE before the sale ends!


Click here to be directed to the CUBE or the Black Cloud Marketplace.