The New and Updated Prestige Pack is Now Available!


Today, we’ve launched the new and updated Prestige Pack. We’ve made some changes based on your feedback, adding some new items and new features, and making it an even better value for our players.

First is the Prestige Badge. This item is a 30-day badge that, among other things: Gains exclusive dungeon buffs for you and your party, generates up to 12 Prestige Crystals per day (which can be traded to special vendors for rewards), buffs movement speed, Kinah gain, and adds a party-wide drop rate boost. We’re so sure you’re going to love this, that we are offering a 6-hour Prestige Badge to all players via in-game survey. For more information about this badge and everything it does, check out the survey in game. You can also read our complete guide on the Prestige Badge.

We’ve also added a Rewards program as well. For each month you stay subscribed to the new Prestige Pack, you’ll receive additional items as a reward. These rewards increase in value over time. Visit the Prestige Pack page to check out the first six months of rewards.

For complete information on all the items in the new Prestige Pack, visit the Prestige Pack page in the Black Cloud Marketplace!