Store Update - April 18, 2018

As spring is here it's time to do a little spring cleaning! Available now in the shop you'll be able to pick up some armor skins that you may have missed!

Primal Spirit Helmet Skins

6804036_Thumb.png 6804035_Thumb.png 6804034_Thumb.png 6804033_Thumb.png


Forest Denku Armor Skins Sandwash Tomil Armor Skins Sea Feast Armor Skins
6509012_BCM_ThumbLg.png 6509018_BCM_ThumbLg.png 6804004_Thumb.png


Also available for just two weeks until May 2 are bundles for those that can't get enough instances at discount prices!

Greatist Hits Scroll Bundle - 20% Discount

  • Eternal Bastion Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Infinity Shard Bonus Entry Scrolls (x5)
  • Fissure of Oblivion Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Instance Entry Boost Pack (x1)


Extra Value Scroll Bundle - 10% Discount

  • Sauro Supply Base Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Danar Reliquary Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Tiamat Stronghold Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Occupied Rentus Base Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Drakenspire Depths Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)
  • Fallen Poeta Bonus Entry Scroll (x5)

Visit our in-game shop or web store for all available items.