The New Black Cloud Marketplace


The Black Cloud Marketplace has opened a new location—in Atreia! That’s right, it’s now available in-game with a brand new design, too!

Whether you’re in the Abyss, Balaurea or idling in the capital city, you can now shop in the comfort of Atreia without having to leave. Visiting the new store is easy; click on the Black Cloud Marketplace icon in the bottom right corner next to the compass.

As part of the new store opening, we have a few limited time promotions to celebrate this momentous occasion!

  1. Visit the in-game store and pick up a free Palmist Acarun pet. So cute. Much permanent.
  2. The player-designed Empinerk’s Cipher-Blade, which summons the 5H-0G0 bastion, is the first Aethertech skin for sale. It is 20% off for a limited time only!
  3. The Daevic Fortune Cookie is back! Crack open the cookie and find exclusive prizes.

These promotions are only running for a week so be sure to visit the in-game store. If you've been looking for the Secret Remedy of Growths and Tiamat Guard skin items, they're now back in the store as well!

See you in game!