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Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

Dear Daevas,

The Aion team would like to wish you and your family happy holidays. During this time, the team will be spending the rest of the year with their families. Customer Support will be available to answer your inquiries and response times may be a little slower around this period. Our weekly scheduled maintenance will continue. Please see below for the schedule:

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 & January 1, 2014 Scheduled Server Maintenances
Start: 5:30 AM Central time
Finish: 9:00 AM Central time

Stay safe and warm this holiday season. We’ll see you next year!


Solorius Festival Housing Decoration Contest


Do your friends and legionmates like to stop by your home because it's the best? Do they frequently ask for decorating tips? Well then, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show off the interior decorating skills in our screenshot contest! Decorate your home fitting to the Solorius Festival Winter Holiday theme and send us the screenshot. The top five winning entries we chose will win (1) [Souvenir] Barbecued Tutty statute!

- How to Participate -

  1. Decorate your home (studios are applicable) in Aion in the Solorius Festival Winter Holiday theme.
  2. Submit a clean screenshot (press F12 on your keyboard to hide the game UI) of your home with your character included.
  3. Email your submission to aion_community[at] with the email subject “Solorius Festival Housing Decoration Contest.” In the email body, please include your character name and server.
  4. The picture must not be edited or altered in any way and any submissions deemed plagiarized will be disqualified from the event.

The five screenshots that show the most creativity, originality, and/or that best represent Aion will win (1) [Souvenir] Barbecued Tutty. Nothing says fancy like a roasting porgus for all to awe at.

Event ends January 2, 2014. Please click here for the full contest rules.


Best of luck, Daevas and we’re looking forward to seeing your homes!

Wheel of Fortunerk: Holiday Edition '13


The Wheel of Fortunerk returns returns for the holiday season! For 99 NCoin, spin the wheel to win prizes such as the newly added Voidtracer weapon skins! For every 10 spins on the regular Wheel, unlock a chance to spin on the Gold Wheel with an even better prize list and increased odds!


Click here to head on over to the Wheel of Fortunerk spin. This website mini-game will only be available from December 18, 2013 to January 2, 2014 so start spinning and winning today!


For a complete prize list, please click here to view it on the forums.

Aion: Steel Cavalry Coming Soon!


Today, we’re happy to announce the name of the next free content expansion, Aion: Steel Cavalry.

With the release of Steel Cavalry, players will be able to at last play as the amazing Aethertech, who joins the Gunslinger and the Songweaver as the last of the three new classes promised! Technological breakthroughs from harnessing the power in Hyperion’s Aether have dramatically advanced Elyos and Asmodian armies. Aethertechs employ key-shaped Cipher-Blades to summon magical war machines, called Bastions, to ride into battle.

Additionally, we’ll also have two new instances to challenge players:

The Illuminary Obelisk
Built to protect Katalam from an outside attack, The Illuminary Obelisk is a point of strategic interest. The Obelisk houses a shielding device that has been sabotaged by Beritra's 43rd Destruction Unit. Daevas must bolster their forces and advance on the Obelisk to regain control of its defensive power if they hope to repair the shielding unit and turn the tides of war in their favor.

Iron Wall Warfront
Governor Pashid held a slim victory over the Eternal Bastion, but had suffered heavy losses from previous battles. Elyos and Asmodian spies discovered that Pashid's forces had dwindled to the point of weakness, and that now is the opportune moment to press their advantage. A new Warfront has erupted to claim the Eternal Bastion!

We’ll have another update sometime after the holidays. But for now, have another look at our exciting new teaser page here.

Weekly Server Maintenance, December 18, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, December 18 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.


Thank you for your patience!

Character Transfers on Hold until January 2014

We’re wrapping up the year and as things slow down for the holidays, we will be suspending character transfers starting on December 18, 2013. Any transfer requests between now and December 18 will be processed during the December 18 server maintenance. Please be sure to follow the transfer requirements, as any unsuccessful transfers will not be reprocessed until later.

After December 18,  queuing for character transfer will resume on January 1, 2014.


Click here to purchase a character transfer.

Return to the Shugo Kingdom!


The Shugos once again need the help of Daevas! Transform into a Shugo and defend the Shugo Imperial Tomb. Advance through three stages to get to the treasure vaults where new prizes await. Tatar weapons, Felicitous Socketing, and Ceramium Medals are just a few items of what's available!

What are you waiting for? Click here for the full event details or click here to get your Shugo items!