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5th Anniversary Daeva's Day Events


With pre-anniversary events unfolding with the Caption Contest on Facebook and Code Giveaway on Twitter, Aion’s 5th Anniversary has officially kicked off.  And no celebration is complete without cake!

Two cakes await each faction in Pandaemonium and Danuar Spire for Asmodians, and Sanctum and Kaisinel's Beacon for Elyos. The Daeva’s Day cake with the big 5 candle on top will offer any Daeva a slice empowered with a one-hour 10% item drop rate increase. Come back for another slice when the buff runs out!

09152014_Daeva's-Day-Cake.jpg 09152014_Anniversary-Cake.jpg

Daeva's Day Cake

Anniversary Cake

The Daeva's Day Anniversary Cake requires candles before you can take a slice. Three different types of four-hour buffs are available, depending on which candle you use! Collect Aether Flames from world drops or purchase them from the store to trade with the Aether Flame Exchanger NPC, pick a candle with the buff of your choice, and put it on the cake. All buffs will benefit nearby Daevas, and they stack* too!


09172014_5th-Anniversary Candle.png

[Event] Enlightening Candle Blessing

Earn triple XP while this is in effect

09172014_5th-Anniversary Candle.png

[Event] Gilded Candle Blessing

Drop rate triples while this is in effect

09172014_5th-Anniversary Candle.png

[Event] Emboldening Candle Blessing

Immediately gain 2,000 DP. Attack and casting speeds are 10% faster



Double your loot during the Daeva’s Day events! The drop rate is twice the normal rate during this time, so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on the drops you’ve been looking for.


For the next three weeks, Prestige Pack holders earn Prestige Crystals twice as fast, doubling the amount you earn every 20 minutes! That means instead of 12 Crystals a day, you can now earn up to 24! Trade them with special vendors for consumables and other helpful items. Click here to learn more about Prestige Crystals and how to earn them.


Our 5th Anniversary gift to you is the Dazzling Daevanion armor! Available to Daevas level 10 and above for 1 NCoin on the Black Cloud Marketplace, this is a full set with every piece being an independent skin. Not only is it dazzling, but this set is also great for gearing up to level 55-60. Click here for additional information on this armor set.


The 5th Anniversary festivities are a great opportunity to start out in the world of Aion for new players, returning players, or the adventurous spirits who want to take their first steps in the world of Asmodae. Marchutan’s Secret Order, a special event designed to help new Asmodian Daevas on Israphel and Tiamat server, will bestow the [Event] Marchutan’s Secret Order item via survey during the first 10 levels of your journey in Asmodae. As you devote yourself to Azphel’s cause, you will be rewarded along your way with items including the Dazzling Daevanion Armor set, and more. Click here for more information.


We’ve put together a short video as a special thank-you to the people who made this milestone possible... you! Happy 5th Anniversary, Daevas!

Happy Daeva’s Day!

*Note: The cake buffs do not stack with amulets.

Store Update - September 17, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary, Daevas! We have a couple of new marine outfits for you along with the Dazzling Daevonian Armor set available to all Daevas for 1 NCoin! We also have cafe-styled General Goods Merchant or the Warehouse NPCs you can employ in your home. If you need an extra boost in your every day adventures, the Daeva's Day Aether Flame can be purchase here on the store for extra Cake Buffs for you and your friends!

Aether Flame

Trade the Aether Flame with the Candle NPC for a candle of your choice. Use the candle on the Anniversary Cake to trigger your selected buff for you and anybody nearby! Sale ends October 8, 2014.

Dazzling Daevanion Armor Set Box

Available to all Daevas level 10+ the armor set can be purchase for 1 NCoin one per account. Prior to opening, the box is account tradeable so you can give it to another character on your account or hold on to it for later. Additional armor sets can be purcahsed for 2000 NCoin. Follow this link for additional information on the armor set. Sale ends October 8, 2014.

Marine Look Outfits

We have two new Marine Looks joining our collection-- the Snappy and regular Marine Look costumes. If you like our previous two looks, may be you'll like these too!


Housing NPCs

These new Warehouse and General Goods Merchant NPCs are eager to serve. They will do a fine job of making sure you get what you need.


You can see all available sale items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Patch Notes

During the weekly maintenance, the 5th Anniversary Daeva's Day events started and more.

The events and changes include

  • Special 5th Anniversary events
  • Prestige Badge Bonus
  • Marchutan's Call to Action
  • Changes to the Bot Reporting function

To read about all the changes and additions in this update, check out our complete patch notes.

Weekly Server Maintenance - September 17, 2014, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17, 2014 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. C.U.B.E. bonus items will revert back to Premium Crown Boxes from Brilliant Composite Manastone or Brilliant Ancient Manastone Bundles.
  3. Reduced the number of reports needed to mark a player as a bot using the Report Bot function. Players flagged as a bot will have negative effects on their game play.
  4. 5th Anniversary Daeva's Day Events will start. Details will be available later.
  5. New items and sales will be available on the store.


Thank you for your patience!

5th Anniversary Code Giveaway


Five years ago, the world of Atreia was opened to all Daevas who dared take up arms to fight both the Balaur and the loathsome rival faction—all in the name of Aion, to bring peace to a world torn apart. This month we mark Aion’s 5th anniversary with a month-long celebration to commemorate this milestone.

In addition to the 5th Anniversary Caption Contest, we are hosting an item Code Giveway on Twitter every weekday for the next two weeks. All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, guess the missing digit/letter on the code when we post it, and redeem it ASAP to win!

- How to Participate -

  1. Follow our Twitter @NCWest_Aion to get all our tweets and details of when the item code will be posted. Codes will be posted at random times each day.
  2. Identify the missing digit or letter when the code is posted and enter it into your Account Management page to redeem right away.
  3. Reply to our tweet using the hashtag #Aion_5th to let us know it has been redeemed and what item it was.

One code will be posted on Twitter every weekday until October 1. The code will be a random prize of (1) Sharptooth Steamrunner mount (30-day), (2) Romantic Dye Boxes or (1) Aether Flame. The Aether Flame is for a Cake Buff when our Daeva's Day Events start on Wednesday, September 17.

Follow us on Twitter now!

Please click here for the official event rules.

Our 5th Anniversary is Coming!


As you might have noticed, we’ve done some redecorating.  We’ve got a shiny new background and a brand-new AION logo celebrating our 5th Anniversary! Yes, Aion is turning five. It seems like only yesterday the very first group of young Daevas took their first tentative steps into Atreia and never looked back.

This is a major milestone, and we don’t intend to let go by without some serious celebrating. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

Along with our website re-branding celebrating this FIVE-tastic occasion, we’re launching the first of our 5th Anniversary events. Starting today, we are running a caption contest on Facebook. Head on over to our Facebook page and make sure you get in on the action there. Be sure to Like us on our Facebook page first!

Next week, things kick into high gear. On Monday, September 15, we’ll be running a Twitter Code Giveaway! Every day until October 1, we’ll be releasing a code on twitter. What’s the catch? One of the digits is missing! The first one to enter the correct code wins the item! So be sure you’re following us on twitter and get ready for Monday!

Wednesday, September 17, things really get rolling. Daeva’s Day, the annual anniversary celebration, comes to Aion. There will be cakes and lots of other great things to help everyone celebrate our fifth Anniversary. And we’ll also have another event starting on September 17, but we’re keeping that a secret for now…

The actual Anniversary date is Monday, September 22, and we’ll be celebrating with our players in-game. Look for more information in the coming days.

We’ll be posting more information about the Anniversary events and related items during the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check in with us so you don’t miss anything.

5th Anniversary Caption Contest


Five years ago, the world of Atreia was opened to all Daevas who dared take up arms to fight both the Balaur and the loathsome rival faction—all in the name of Aion, to bring peace to a world torn apart. This month we mark Aion’s 5th anniversary with a month-long celebration to commemorate this milestone.

As we commence the anniversary festivities, we will be hosting a caption contest on Facebook with prizes including the Porgus Costume Set and the Joyful Daeva Costume Set.

- How to Participate -

  1. To enter, you must Like the Aion Facebook page. Click here to visit the page now to do so.

  2. Post a fitting caption with your in-game character name and server on the designated screenshot(s) we upload.

  3. Inappropriate captions will be disqualified and/or removed.

Two winners will be selected at random each day we hold the contest with a total of 16 winners at the end of the event. Each winner will receive (1) Porgus Costume Set or (1) Joyful Daeva’s Costume Set.

A screenshot will be uploaded on these days at random times:

  • •    Wednesday, September 10

  • •    Friday, September 12

  • •    Monday, September 15

  • •    Thursday, September 18

  • •    Monday September 22

  • •    Thursday, September 25

  • •    Monday, September 29

  • •    Thursday, October 2

All prizes will be delivered via in-game mail within 24 hours after winners are announced. Keep a watchful eye on our Facebook page on the listed days to participate and win!

Please click here for the official event rules.