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Solorius Festival Cookie Decorating Contest

Hot chocolate, peppermint bark, gingerbread houses, candy canes and cookies—all tasty delectable we have during Solorius Festival. Before you eat all the tasty treats, save a cookie and decorate it themed after Solorius Festival. Enter your cookie in our cookie-decorating contest and you may win the not-yet-been-sold Heartseeker Outfit!


- How to Participate -

  1. Decorate (1) cookie of your choice with Aion’s Soloruis Festival theme. Please keep the design appropriate.
  2. Take a picture of your cookie decoration along with a hand-written or computer-generated note wishing Aion a “Happy Solorius Festival!” along with your character name and server.
  3. Email your submission to aion_community[at] with the email subject “Solorius Festival Cookie Decorating Contest.” In the email body, please include your character name and server.
  4. The image must not be edited or altered in any way and any submissions deemed plagiarized will be disqualified from the event.


The three decorated cookies that show the most creativity, originality, or that best represent Aion will win (1) [Event] Heartseeker Outfit. The item can be worn individually or remodeled once onto the armor of your choice. Contest ends on January 1, 2015. Please click here for the official rules.


Happy cookie decorating, Daevas! We look forward to your delicious entries!

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Gank the Grankers Event


Solorius Festival is here to remind us to be generous, to be kind, to spend time with loved ones, and to gank Grankers? Pandarinrinerk is in a bit of a panic after having his stock of Festive Coins stolen. Gank the Grankers to get the coins back and save the Solorius Festival. Pandarinrinerk will be more than happy to trade you a variety of prizes from his store in exchange for the coins.


Part 1: Check Behind Your Ear (Level 21+)

You will automatically receive three Festive Coins in your Special Cube every ten minutes. You may receive a maximum of 36 coins each event day in this way.


Part 2: Gank the Grankers

While the idle Daeva can sit back and accumulate coins just by being online, the ambitious Daeva can get out there and get their hands dirty. Thieving Grankers are (probably) using Pandarinrinerk’s Festive Coins in some crazy black market Granker trade pyramid (probably) in Katalam and Danaria. The punishment for such treachery is obviously a humiliating defeat on the field of battle, and a pillaging of their stolen coins.


Part 3: Loot’N’Scoot:

If you wish to take on a challenge for your coins, simply venture into one of our conveniently located instanced dungeons. We’ve managed to stuff a few more rewards into our monsters’ already overloaded pockets. Coins and other Solorius prizes, such as Festive Gift Boxes and/or Brimming Festive Gift Boxes, can drop from bosses in the listed instances.

*Draupnir Cave

*Dark Poeta


*Udas Temple

*Rentus Base

*Tiamat Stronghold

*Dragon Lord’s Refuge

*Infinity Shard

*Danuar Reliquary

*Sauro Supply Base

*The Eternal Bastion

*Danuar Sanctuary

*Ophidan Bridge

*Illuminary Obelisk


- Rewards -

Trade your Festive Coins with Pandarinrinerk for prizes from his shop. He is located in each capital city, Pandaemonium for Asmodians and Sanctum for Elyos.


Event ends January 1, 2015 12:00 AM Server Time (Central Time). Coin exchanges with Panrinrinerk will be available until Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Merry Solorius Festival, Daevas!

Weekly Server Maintenance - December 17, 2014, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, December 17, 2014 from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 4.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. Frozen Magic Event will run for one more week.
  3. Wheel of Fortunerk mini-game is available and will run until Friday, January 2, 2015.
  4. A new Solorius Festival event will start.
  5. There will be no more character transfers processed for the rest of the year.

Additionally from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Central, web login, account creation, and store purchases will be unavailable.


Thank you for your patience!

Wheel of Fortunerk: Holiday 2014 Edition


It’s the holiday season, and there’s magic in the air. And, amidst all the other holiday festivities and activities, the Wheel of Fortunerk rolls back into Atreia for its annual holiday visit.

For just 99 NCoin, spin the wheel to win some great prizes. And, for every 10 spins on the regular Wheel, you unlock a spin on the Gold Wheel, which has some exclusive prizes!

New and notable prizes available on the Wheel include Nether Dragon Weapons, Illusion Godstones, Purfiied Essence, and the Sidekick Akumu Summoning Lamp. The Gold Wheel offers chances to win specifically the Nether Dragon Mythic Weapons, the popular (and cute) Shu-Ghost pet, and the Sharptooth Steamrunner. Plumes and Palaces will also be available again. For a complete prize list, please click here to view it on the forums.

Click here to play the Wheel of Fortunerk now! This website mini-game will only be available from December 15, 2014 to January 2, 2015, so start spinning and winning today!

Panesterra Inter-server Siege Live Beta Phase 2

Phase two of the Panesterra inter-server siege live beta testing starts on Sunday, December 14 at 7 PM Central. All Panesterra fortresses have been reset and the battle to claim the fortress will decide who has access to explore the zone and who moves on to battle the to-be Dragon Lord, Ahserion.

The changes and additions to inter-server beta phase two includes:

  • -    Fortress defense will be more difficult once a fortress is taken.
  • -    Panesterra zone exploration will be available to the conquering server faction.
  • -    Ahserion’s Flight siege will begin immediately after the Panesterra siege.


Panesterra Zone Access

After the Panesterra fortresses have been conquered, the conquering server faction will have access to the fortress and zone. A portal will spawn in the capital city for the appropriate fortress access. Quests for the zone can be picked up from the fortress and zone exploration will be available.

While the zone and fortress can be directly accessed by the server faction that owns it, those who have access to the other fortresses can also move between the zones (with some maneuvering) so be watchful as Panesterra is an open PvP zone where all other factions are your enemy!


Ahserion’s Flight

Beritra has been working on getting Ahserion ascended as the next Dragon Lord. With all the Ide in Panesterra, there is no better a place to achieve that. Ahserion’s ascension will take place in Panesterra amidst the all-out war between Daevas.

Immediately, after the Pantesterra fortress sieges, Ahserion’s Flight will become available. The siege is only open to those who hold the Panesterra Conqueror title and the title must be worn to enter. You will have 10 minutes to prep and enter from the portal spawned in the fortress. Here you will battle three other server factions for the title and reward from Ahserion.

While in Ahserion’s Flight, it is possible to eliminate a server faction from the siege entirely. For every server faction, a shield will spawn that must be protected by Daevas at all costs. Protect your shield while attempting to take down your enemies’ shield. The destruction of the shield will result in the immediate removal of the server faction that was supposed to protect it.

The siege will take a total of 70 minutes from start to end. You will still need to protect your shield when you battle with Ahserion. If you defeat Ahserion, he will drop a reward box that includes various items. Collect the reward box as soon as possible because once that timer reaches 70 minutes or your server faction is forced to exit the siege, you will be returned to your bind point with the rewards or not. 

Good luck, Daevas, and see you in game!


Frozen Magic Event


Snow fell early in Atreia and with the world charged with Aether and Ide, tiny crystals of Aether are sticking together and freezing in the cold snow. Frosterinerk has been collecting the aetherized snow and making snowballs to give to Daevas as a gift. She says the gifts are to remind Daevas of the sky we share under the shattered world. However, we know Shugos have no use for Aether as Daevas do so perhaps there are valuables to be found in the frozen magical snowballs?


Part One: Frosterinerk's Gift (Level 30+)

In the capital cities, talk to Frosterinerk daily to get (8) +1 Snowballs. To cultivate the aetherized snowballs, right-click or double-click on the snowball to enchant it to the next level. Enchant the snowball up to +10 to make the Brilliant Snowball. When you opening the Brilliant Snowball will get (1) Icy Shard and (1) Brilliant Fragment. Combine these items to get a Brilliant Ice Prism, which offers a random high value prize. If the snowball explodes at any point before +10, random prizes will automatically be redeemed into your inventory. You will get (1) Snowflake Crystal and a chance to get an Icy Shard, Ancient Coins, or other prizes. 

Additional snowballs can be looted from instances or purchased from the store. Snowballs with enchantment levels 6 and above have a chance to give an Icy Shard (+10 Snowballs will always give an Icy Shard as noted above), which can be combined with a Brilliant Fragment, also available on the store, to create the Brilliance Ice Prism.








Part Two: Snowflake Crystals (Level 30+)

If you use up all of your Snowballs from Frosterinerk, Wintrinerk will be more than happy to trade you a +1 Snowball for (10) Snowflake Crystals. Snowflake Crystals can only be acquired after a snowball explodes after attempting to enchant it.


Part Three: Joyful Bundle (Level 30+)

While Freeziman contemplates his existence as a talking snowman, he offers you a Joyful Bundle that you can pick up from him daily. Open the bundle to receive (1) [Event] Dye Bundle and (1) random buff scroll. Various types of buff scrolls can be acquired with many offering effects to all party members. If you have friends or Legion mates within similar levels and they have differing scrolls, try to group together to share the effects!


- Rewards -
Brilliant Ice Prism contains (1) of the following items:

*[Event] Hyperion’s Weapon Box

*[Event] Assured  Greater Felicitous Socketing Box

*[Event] Hyperion’s Armor Box

*[Event] Dragon Lord’s Weapon Chest

*[Event] Hyperion’s Wing Box

*[Event] Weapon Shard Box

*Tempering Solution

*[Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle

*Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll



Event ends December 24, 2014. Happy Solorius Festival, Daevas!


Weekly Server Maintenance - December 10, 2014, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 4.5 hours.

- Changes -

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. Upgrade Arcade will no longer be available. Please spend your tokens.
  3. Tempering Solution Large C.U.B.E. bonus promotion will end
  4. A new Solorius Festival event will start.
  5. [Event] Right of Luck item will be removed from players' inventories.
  6. This is the final week to queue for character transfers before the end of the year.


Additionally from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM Central, web login, account creation, and store purchases will be unavailable.


Thank you for your patience!